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  1. It turns out that the control panel easily switches between 115v and 230v motors. I just moved one wire and everything is good now. Still pretty annoying that they don't know what pump they put in their own spa. I know better than to trust the people I order from I should of checked the old pump myself.
  2. Grrr... I checked the pump when I got it and can see the tag in the spa and it's 115v which is the listed part for the spa but looking at the old pump it's a 230v. I have no idea of why they list the wrong part in the manual nor why they sent me a 115v when I ordered the part for this spa from the manufacturer. But at least I know what is going on. Thanks I guess I can look into wiring it 115v or ship it back and be down another week
  3. I'll have to check the wiring again I guess. Unfortunately it's buried behind the control unit so I have to pull the pump out to check the wiring at the pump itself. Maybe I reversed neutral/hot? I double checked to make sure valves were open and water seemed to running fine. It has a brand new filter (spring drain and clean was the final straw for the seal). Another question. I had to rotate the pump end which involved taking out the 4 long bolts through the motor, rotate and put bolts in. I can't imagine messing that up but can the bolts be overtightened or anything to bind the motor? Although I don't think I tightened them that much. On an additional note the motor overheats and shuts down in about 10 minutes. TIA
  4. I recently replaced my circulation pump because the seal went bad and it was leaking water. I got the new pump in and started it up but I noticed the motor seemed to be getting pretty hot. A short while later the pump shut down (overheat protection I assume). Any suggestions, on what can be wrong? The hookup seemed pretty straight forward but I guess I got something wrong.
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