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  1. I use the 10 ml water sample. It will be in .5ppm increments per drop but that way I use less drops. The larger sample would be in .2ppm drop increments, more acurate but also more drops per sample and I test my water evry day with the Diclor/ bleach method.
  2. soak them in a TSP and warm water solution overnight. Then rinse very, very well. Any recommended TSP products? I tried cascade and bleach with water. So So results.
  3. What can I use to clean my filters without buying a commercial cleaning solution.
  4. Kit came yesterday, just as advertised. less than one week.
  5. ordered my kit yesterday, it is on its way and is half the price that even taylor sells it for.
  6. I am unsure how to test for borate ppm? Could someone plese advise? thanks
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