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  1. Leisure Or Barrier Reef?

    Sorry to step in but if you are still looking for a pool, send me your contact info and general location and I will have someone in contact with you today representing Barrier Reef Pools. Barrier Reef is alive and well and going strong. Everyone knows I'm a Leisure guy, but I think Barrier Reef is really moving in the right direction and Tony(owner) seems to genuinely care about building a quality product.......if only other manufacturers would care so much... Thanks Mark - Tony is one heck of a guy. We want to make sure everyone out there knows despite what might have been said by others in the pool business, Barrier Reef Pools is alive and well. We opened a new 50,000 square foot North American Headquarters, manufacturing, marketing and sales facility in South Carolina in October 2008. Since then, we have managed to produce 10 molds, I doubt any other fiberglass manufacturer can say they have accomplished the same; opened 2 new distribution centers, and continued to expand our dealer base. We were ONE of ONLY TWO manufacturers to display at the Mid-America Pool and Spa Show - the Midwest's largest pool and spa show. We were the ONLY manufacturer to bring a full size pool to the show. We are introducing 4 new molds this spring; one of those shapes is absolutely unique, you'll have to wait and see about details. We started offering a white gel coat as an other option and this season we will introduce another white that will be absolutely fantastic. For those homeowners and dealers looking at Barrier Reef Pools, we are a company of pool builders; the ownership has been building, selling, installing and distributing colored fiberglass pools since 1984 all over the world in every imaginable climate and conditions. We genuinely care about the pool business not just our bottom line. We look forward to providing each and every one of you a beautiful, stunning Barrier Reef Pool.