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  1. If your draining, cleaning, and refilling once in awhile, that little bit of copper from the algaecide shouldn't be a problem. There are also copper free varieties if it's a concern. A copper problem would be a nice emerald green water shade after a shock. I learned that two years ago in my pool. It was actually a nice color. Metal Out resolved that rather quickly though. John
  2. I can attest the above statement. My heater is usually turned off in the summer, but the temperature will remain 100+. It gets direct sunlight most of the day on the side the exposed plumbing is on. I have sometimes had to dump ice in it to cool it off enough to get in. This doesn't explain the constant pump running (which will also heat the water through friction). I would suggest you have a bad relay on the circuit board for the pump (or the entire board is fried, which would explain the inaccurate temp reading). Try giving it a tap to see if it resets and turns the pump off (though th
  3. I use a 20' RV hose to fill/drain mine. All you need is long enough to get to a grassy area or drain. (and to a spigot to re-fill.) John
  4. Try siphoning the green out to waste with a garden hose or the like and see if it keeps reappearing. I would suggest it was just fine dust in the plumbing or filters (or maybe is coming from your cover) prior to the first fill, and is fine enough that the filters can't grab it. If it keeps re-appearing and looks organic, I would try some algaecide (Don't go overboard in a small spa) and see if that clears it. I often have a fine dust on the bottom, but not green. I have a small battery powered spa broom to suck it up along with the grit that comes from the patio. Joh
  5. Try here: https://www.hottuboutpost.com/sundance-spa-jets/ I have ordered several things from them for my Burlington. If you look around on the old parts, you may find a part number to match up. It''ll be in the format 6500-123. John
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