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  1. Hot Spring Aria & Vanguard Frame

    From what I understand, the injection molded plastic frame which was available on the Aria/Vanguard was not conducive to future design plans. Term
  2. Master Spas

    What energy guarantee? I was not aware that Hot Spring had one....I know that our company (East Texas Spa) doesn't. Termie
  3. Master Spas

    Baaaa-loney! This is direct from CMC Media Group that produced the video (emphasis added by me): If you are considering producing a video for marketing, fundraising, training, or internal communications, you have come to the right place. Whether you're a large company or a non-profit on a budget, we will work with you to make the most effective production possible. Our planning guide will walk you through the process, step-by-step, to make sure you reach your target audience in a compelling manner. We understand deadlines - we will work with your agency or media distribution outlet to get your project out the door and onto the airwaves. Typically clients retain the CMC Media Group to research, create and produce video-based communications for advertising, marketing, fundraising, employee recruiting, training and motivation, investor, community, government and public relations. In the video: 1:33 mark- Kim Jacobson says "Take the Spa Challenge is all about changing perceptions. Watch as opinions are altered as participants learn about and test these hot tubs." Who is teaching them and altering their opinions? 1:42 mark- Kim Jacobson says "The land? comparison gives participants a chance to learn about maintenance, warranty, and ownership costs of each hot tub. They'll be rating them in areas such as filter quality, duration of warranty, and monthly electrical expenditures." What were the parameters for these categories and who presented this information to the participants? 2:12 mark- Participant says "...I like how it was designed specifically for women.." What does this mean and who told them this? 3:14 mark- Who are the people standing beside the spas while the participants soak? What are they saying to them? Are they Master Spa employees? Are they part of CMC Media Group and why are they invalidating the test results by offering input to the participants? How well versed are the CMC Media Group agents in the technology of hot tub design and operation? 3:55 mark- Participant says "...and this one has Microban. The other one didn't have Microban." Who informed the participant of the advantages or disadvantages of Microban? 8:19 mark- Participant says "..and it's woman friendly." What does this mean? Does one of the spas have a certain type of 'woman friendly' jet configuration? This video is nothing but bought and paid for propaganda. Nothing wrong with that, but it should in no way be presented as a blind or unbiased contest. It has all the underpinnings of being in the same vein as the hottubbroker.com propaganda website wherein Master Spa is ranked #1 or #2 (and sometimes even #1, #2, AND #3) in virtually every category. I'm sure that I could hire CMC Media Group to produce a video for me showing that SeaMonkey Hot Tubs outperform every other spa in every category if and when I decide to do so. Kreg, you're a smart guy that has a lot to offer to the board and your customers...don't peddle this crap to the folks here. You're better than that. Terminator
  4. Hot Spring Abs Substructure / Plastic Frame

    No problems with it but the current design is not compatible with long-term changes planned. I'm looking forward to seeing what will come next! Termie
  5. Swozadlo

    Me thinks I smells a red herring....
  6. Natural Spring Spas...?

    Viva Las Vegas!
  7. Natural Spring Spas...?

    Reading through the owner's manual, I found this little tidbit: "Time Out Error- It is not likely that you will ever see this error. It indicates that the system's heartbeat is out of control, all devices will shut down and the spa is unusable. This message will rarely ever occur, if it does, please contact Applied Computer Controls." Smacks of Engrish to me. Terminator
  8. Master Spas Twilight 240 Model

    It's actually pretty roomy. I'm 6'1" and my wife is 6'. We have one on our back porch and there is plenty of room for us even though our feet touch, which I don't usually mind as it sometimes leads to relations. I actually have a customer who is 6'4" and 280 lbs and it fits him to a "T". Congratulations on your purchase! Terminator
  9. $1500 For A 1994 Jetsetter?

    I just sold a 1996 Jetsetter for $1495...same 90 day warranty, delivery, re-painted cabinet....only thing different is that it doesn't have a new cover. You should get another 10-15 years out of the spa. Terminator
  10. Should I Buy A Four Winds Hot Tub?

    Yep, it's a scam. A traveling spa company just left town and they put up a couple of similar craig's list ads, but they were flagged and removed. These types of outfits used to advertise in the Thrifty Nickel (a la the infamous Stacey Diego). Now, they simply swindle people online. Buyer beware! Terminator
  11. Spinning Spa Display Stands?

    I saw them, too. The company is called Spa Toter. Terminator
  12. Great Texas Balloon Race & Spa Show!

    Last batch of pics. We had a GREAT time...just a bunch of good, clean fun! I'll see you lying, traveling mutts at the State Fair of Texas!
  13. Bubbles With A Sort Of Scum

    If der bubbles is come from digesting of legumes, ther bubbles is methane in nature and not pleasant, but they is harmless. If der ticker scum is from biguanacide, you musten raise calcium and lower pH. If bubbles is like soap, be the cleanest before gaining the spa.
  14. Uh Oh..here we go again.....