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    fiberglass pool tiling
  1. Well, I wouldn't say he's crazy, but I don't think it's a good idea. You'll have to fill in the hole where the pool was and landscape the area. Your house will be worth less. You'll have to hire a crane to remove the pool. You need a transport trailer and truck to move the pool shell. If you currently own the house in Florida, you should have the custom measured hole ready to receive the pool shell. I don't think it's economically feasible.
  2. Yes you can install real tile on the waterline. Go to any search engine and type in "fiberglass pool tiling". You'll find your answer.
  3. Cutting Coping On An Unlevel Pool

    Was your pool installed 3 inches out of level, or did it pop up after the deck was poured? I've worked with many fiberglass pools that were out of level 3 inches or more. If you can send me a photo of the problem area I can probably ofer you the right solution. bob@flextile.com
  4. San Juan 1958?

    You are correct, Newbie. In the early 1970s, I developed the materials and process for tiling fiberglass. I installed tile for Caldera spas, Cal Spas, Dimension One (Spa Store at the time) and about 12 spa installers. I was based in El Cajon California. In 1973 I got a call from San Juan in Hemet California. They wanted to subcontract tile installs on their pools. Every check they gave my, came from a corp. I don't remember the name. I think it was 1975 that George Sullivan and group bought the company. I installed tile for them until the 1980s, I traveled to Lakeland Florida and helped set up their tiling facility. They filed a bankruptcy in the 1980s. Of course, I stopped installing for they. George Sullivan did more for tile on fiberglass than anyone in the industry except me.
  5. Fiberglass Pool Level ?

    I agree with you Scott. 1.5" is not good. Unfortunatly it is the norm that I've seen from California to Florida and up north. It's my openion that water is the best leveling tool. A clear plastic tube .5 inch wide X 40 feet long, filled with water can be used to level anything. It's used in several industries other than pools. It's what I use for leveling tile in pools. It only cost about $5.00.
  6. Fiberglass Pool Level ?

    I've encountered your problem many times. The only job function my company does is tile fiberglass pools. Since 1980 we have tiled more than 10,000 fiberglass pools. Your problem is a result of tile being installed at the factory. Tile should be installed and water leveled after the pool is in the ground. The cantilever forms are then attached to the tile. When the deck is poured, everything is perfectly level. Your pool will not level itself. The solution is: Remove the tile, reinstall the tile water leveled, Pour the deck to the top of the level tile. The 200+ fiberglass pool installers we have worked for usually get the pool level to about 1 1/2 inches. The installer usually takes 6 or 8 level readings with a transit. When we tile the pool we put about 100 waterlevel marks on the pool to work from.
  7. Holidays

    I would like to wish a merry Christmas and happy New Year to all of the pool industry people that take the time to offer their advise to the home owners who post questions here.
  8. Building A Swimming Pool On Top Of The Basement

    Yes it's possible. It does need to be engineered. Few swimming pool installer has an engineer on staff.
  9. Pool Leveling

    Hi Star, I'd like to see the photos. Can you e-mail them to me? nikki@flextile.com
  10. I'll coment on 2 of your questions. I like the idea of 2 skimmers and no main drain. Check the regulations in you area before doing this. The practice is approved and is becomming popular in Florida. You can cantilever with poured cement, stone, brick or tile. The installer is the key to any of these things being done correctly.
  11. Re-gelcoat Fiberglass Pool

    This man is the best I've ever encountered, Paul Pulver. His phone # is 727-798-1324. He is a licensed Florida pool cantractor and specializes in repairs and and refinishing of fiberglass pools.
  12. Manufacture

    Trilogy also makes a very good pool. I agree with the info about the installer. The most important decision will be "Who installs the pool".
  13. Manufacture

  14. The structural intregity will come from using a cement product (Thinset) to bond the coping to the cement deck. You can use a product that is 100% silicone rubber to attach the copers to the pool lip. After you have completed the job, use the 100% silicone product to seal the crack between the copers and the pool lip.