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  1. Hydropool Spa Bankruptcy

  2. Hot Tub Cover

    Check out www.northernhottubcovers.com if you are in Canada
  3. The Hydropool Thread

    I personally also have a H800 Titanium ( Midnight Mist/ Driftwood Everlast cabinet ) for the past 4 yrs with no issues except for the normal maintence items . Seating is comfortable and very spacious compared to a few other hot tubs that I was looking at at the time. Operating costs are minimal at about $ 40.00 a month which is fine in my opinion being in Ontario. Only major item that I replaced is my Hard Cover which was my fault. Ordered from an online company " Northern Hot Tub Covers" . Cover looks better than the one that I original received. Enjoy your tub ! SpaParty
  4. Need Help Choosing / Opinions

    Thanks new2me , at least you can read the question. Looks like spatech has all the inside information ! You are correct in the main point was why are Canadian manufacturers consider bad in his opnion when he has just name a few bad US ones ..strange......
  5. Need Help Choosing / Opinions

    First in defence of Canadian Spa Manufacturers........ why is it a low end tub? This is a statement that has no facts based to it. LZB is a top 10 world brand. Ask yourself the question.." why would they liscence there brand to a manufacturer that would harm it ? LZB is made by Hydropool Industries out Mississauga and is known and respected for there quality and warranty world wide.....just ask the other manufacturers
  6. A friend of mine has had an Arctic Spa for the last 3 yrs and loves it, The only problems that he has had is the odd jet blowing out , which is replaced under warranty and the operating costs are more than advertised. It is running him a little over $60 a month. We also compare, as my tub runs about $ 40 a month ,which is a different brand
  7. Dynasty/energy Claims Crack Down

    They also have to post this information on their web site within 7 days. http://www.ecosmartspas.ca/ Wonder how this affects consumers trust in retailers ? Back in July 2010 CBC News Edmonton also carried this story http://www.cbc.ca/canada/edmonton/story/2010/07/30/con-spa-claims.html
  8. Dynasty/energy Claims Crack Down

    Here is some more news. Makes for an interesting read. https://research.tdwaterhouse.ca/research/public/Markets/NewsArticle/100-017u0277-1 The Commissioner of Competition v. Brent Marsall, Dynasty Spas and Games Rooms, Rochelle Marsall, Dynasty Spas Inc. and 1232466 Alberta Ltd. Section(s): Section 74.01 (1999, c. 2, s. 22) Deceptive marketing practices Filed on: 2010-07-20 Status: Decided - 2011-01-17 Applicant(s): The Commissioner of Competition Respondent(s): Brent Marsall, Dynasty Spas and Games Rooms, Rochelle Marsall, Dynasty Spas Inc. and 1232466 Alberta Ltd. http://www.ct-tc.gc.ca/CasesAffaires/CasesDetails-eng.asp?CaseID=329
  9. My Arctic Spa Shopping Experience

    Thats why I believe it is almost AS IMPORTANT to check out the dealer selling the spa if not more important along with the manufacturer. Talking from experience in the pursuit to expand dealer networks especially out of the country , most manufacturers don't do there due diligence. I have seen Arctic , Dynasty, Beachcomber and even Hydropool deal with some people who shouldn't be selling spas. In the pursuit of expanding their business , they sometimes due more harm.
  10. Canadiana Spas

    I never heard of them. Is this the manufacturer or brand name ?
  11. Dynasty/energy Claims Crack Down

    This isn't the first time that I have read this.........it does make you wonder
  12. Any Negatives - Hot Springs

    I do agree that the distance is much the same, it usually is getting it over the border which makes for some problems. If you are going to order 1-2 parts, it is much more of a hassle than ordering in bulk. The currency charged is another problem when quoting a price for a small part. It is much easier and comfortable ordering parts from a local distribution network. I just wished that Ontario wholesalers would carry more of the US Manufacturers parts. Might be a business plan here ! Don't want to get into a Buy Canadian Buy USA debate........
  13. Any Negatives - Hot Springs

    The only issue I have had is the availablity of parts if you are in Canada. They don't have as strong of a dealer network in Canada as in the US. I believe that it is better to stick to the brands that are made in the counrty of origin. The dealer networks and supply of parts/service are better
  14. My Arctic Spa Shopping Experience

    I am just staring to test the aquafinese system myself before I start to sell it. Can't really find out what is in the product . Does anybody know ?
  15. Color Combination

    How did you get the sticker on the inside of your cover? Or did you photoshop? Its a aftermarket product the sticks/Fastens to the underside of the cover