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  1. Wow.. A whole day asking for suggestions on Swimspa and opinions and not one post. I guess these boards are a waste fo time.
  2. I'm a Retired Disabled Veteran and the Government is getting me a swimspa for my home so I can exercise and get the therapy required for my medical conditions. Help!!! I need a good swimspa 12-16ft long to go in my finished basement and with my medical can't afford a headache after the installation is done. That being said.. I'm doing research on Swimspas, I can't find but one swimspa setup anywhere that I can wet test. The only one that is setup is a Masterspa and not the model I'm looking at. Cost is a factor. I'm not sure how much the VA is willing to spend, but they want several quotes. I've been looking at the Masterspas H2X Crosstrainer 2. I'm not worried about pressure sales etc. After being in special forces for 21yrs.. I have no quams about throwing them out a window of my house if they get silly with me. The Shop Owner I'm working with is a veteran and I beleive I'm getting a great deal and 0 pressure by the way.. I just want to make sure the swimspa is a good spa. The dealer I'm working with is a Veteran willing to get me a fully loaded H2X Crosstrainer 2 with upgraded frame, stereo, LED Lights, Cover, Steps, Stainless Jets, Chemicals and extra filter.. Basically all the options available for under 20k delivered. MSRP on this is suppose to be around 30k.. Note.. I need the swimspa to also have therapy seats for my circulation and swimming so I can get my work-outs.. So here's why I'm typing this. 1. Need opinions on the H2X Crosstrainer 2 from people that have tried this spa or own it. 2. Is this a good price for the spa? 3. Suggestions on other spa compareable to the H2X crosstrainer that have good swimming jets and a therapy seating area. This spa is very important to my health and just want to make sure I get a good spa that will last. Thanks!
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