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  1. Well I’ve purged my spa before but never had these results.
  2. If you want to have some fun and see if a dealer knows up from down take a Taylor kit in when you wet test.
  3. Love your spirit Cassie! Please take some pics of your second purge. Thanks.
  4. Hey Cassie....I would really appreciate a follow up on your findings. The pictures of your spa after ahhsome are really eye opening. Really hope you find your solutions. It’s nice to see folks figure out that the Spa dealers know nothing about spas. They would sell a lot more if they just gave good info. Best to you.
  5. Sorry I just need to say it......5000.00 will buy a lot of Spa Boys.
  6. Not trying to be unkind....In fact I’m being very kind. Read up on how to use a Taylor kit. It will be the best investment you ever made. After awhile you will know your bather load and how much bleach to put in to keep it going till you can take a reading (not the best I know but better then nothing). I believe if you use a solid chlorine type you will add CYA and at some point you will have the same problem. I’m sure if I’m wrong someone will correct me...and thanks
  7. I have a 2010 J-365 it use to have ozone. I took it out awhile back and that’s worked out fine. I’ve been going over the forum looking at the differing options. From what I gather if you use bromine, ozone is good to have. If chlorine maybe not. I run Nitros method so I use chlorine but have been tempted to try bromine. First if I replace what would be recommended for a new unit? Second what are your thoughts on ozone? We do go on vacation for 2 weeks once in awhile and of course I worry about FC levels etc. I try to have someone come by and dose to 10ppm once a week. ETA: It’s 500 gallons and I know you don’t want to go overboard on the ozone.
  8. Hey golfergirl Ive been where you are. This is my 2cw and only my opinion. What I have learned here is that a Spa is a wonderful thing but it dose take some work and it’s work that for me is worth it. Forget the strips...get a Taylor kit for bromine or chlorine depending on how you go. Look up Nitros method and look though chem geeks posts. I find that this has always worked for me the best. Yea the first month is hard as your learning but once you get it it becomes really easy. Just go slow and don’t add to much at once. I would love for there to be a magic mixer for spas or pools but I haven’t seen one yet and in the end I would hate to spend an extra 5000 on something that will still take me about the same time per week after I learn how to balance my spa. Anyways best of luck to you. If you learn how to deal with the water you will enjoy it all the more.....Oh and you won’t get the itchys.
  9. Might be a rebranded Jacuzzi Z145. You might look at pics on Google to compare.
  10. Im replacing my OEM cover. Is there anything I should look for. Spa is in S Calif old cover made it about 7 years. Im buying online. Thanks
  11. As always this site is great. Naturally I was changing my circ pump and the circuit breaker went bad. It is 10 years old so not a big surprise. The one I have now is THQL2160GFI GE 2P 60A 240V. It’s been fine, but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts as to a replacement as I don’t think Lowe’s or HD is going to have one. Thanks in advance.
  12. May need to replace E-10 circ pump. Going to try flow switch first. It a 2010 J-365. Wondering if it’s best to stick to stock or if there is any replacement that might work better. ETA: This is the second circ in 10 years. Not to bad I know. Thanks
  13. http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/swimming-pools-public-toilet-bowls-many-survey-193700688.html
  14. I would like to keep this simple. THANK YOU chem geek, nitro, waterbear, pool calc guy (lord I love that program) and so many newbies that I cant even remember. My dream of owning a hot tub has traveled for many years. I did research for at least 5 years before I pulled the trigger (Yes I did live thru the Jim years and to be honest, I apprictated his perspective). I ended up with a Jacuzzi J-365. Its not so much the tub as being able to maintainn it and this is where you folks shine. My wife of 25yrs was didnosed with breast cancer last Aug. She has been able to still get in the spa most of the time (except for surgury healing). Her Lymph nodes were not affected and that is to us quite a blessing. I use Nitros method with a slight tweek I add my own CYA at a new fill and dont use dichlor anymore. The hot tub has been amazing for us during this time and I can only say THANK YOU ..SO VERY MUCH
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