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  1. Pentair Amerilite Leaking

    I think I'll just try really cleaning the lens and gasket and resealing it as tight as I can. Maybe I'll get lucky and third try will be a charm and it's just the seal. Is there a better replacement niche light you'd reccomend if I need to pull the whole thing out after only two years? It was a real bitch getting the cable pulled through to the power supply. Thanks
  2. Pentair Amerilite Leaking

    Thanks, I don't think there's a magic bullet for fixing this. The slightest defect in the seal will leak over time. That's what I've found out. Next time I will also tighten that sucker all the way down till there are no more threads with the same O-ring. Do you think silicone would help? You may be right about a leak where the cord enters, but these units also have a huge chunk of epoxy in the cable end sealing the whole thing. Perhaps I'll see if Pentair has any comments. Daveb
  3. I installed a replacement Amerilite assembly two years ago and it worked great. The bulb died and I removed the light assembly and purchased a new O-Ring and bulb, which began leaking within a week. I took it out again assuming I did something wrong. Now, it's made very clear that you never re-assemble an Amerilite with a used O-ring. so I purchased another $25 ring. I though that because the instructions say to tighten the bolts to within 1/4 inch of each other, perhaps mine was a bit too loose. Now these O-rings have a bunch of points of failure in the design. The glass fits inside the O-ring, which has a goove molded inside for this. Then the glass with O-ring attached is pushed against the housing with a metal ring that tightens down, pushing the O-ring against the housing. I cleaned everything very good, and reassembled with the new O-ring. Yep, with in two weeks it's failed again, this time the bulb blew when the water intruded. So now it's been out for a month, while I get over being PO'd about the wasted $50 in O-rings. I tried bringing it back to Pinch a Penny but they said a used O-ring can not be returned. What would you do? Just give up or try again? Daveb