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  1. Hello- I have a Hayward DE-2400 filter for my in-ground swimming pool. I recently told Hayward tech. support: Your User's Guide calls for 3 pounds of D.E. for a clean filter. Since I don't have a calibrated scale near my pool or box of D.E. (like probably 99% of their customers), how many *cups* of D.E. and water should I use? Their answer: We don't know. So, my question: How many *cups* of D.E. and water should I use (meaning: mix together in a bucket and pour into the skimmer) for a D.E. filter that the manufacturer says should be fed 3 pounds of D.E. with a clean filter? Thanks- Phoe
  2. I have the manual and nope, it doesn't list the amount to precoat after backwashing. What was Hayward thinking?! I've communicated with Hayward over the 'net and, well, for such a simple question, they got their head in a pile of DE so far as I can tell. Must be drinkin' out of the New Jersey chemical Superfund sites. They're like, "Duh, here's a link to how to do a backwash." - no DE amounts listed to precoat after a backwash of a DE-2400. They didn't answer my simple question: How much DE for a Hayward DE-2400 after backwashing? Fools. As bad as Pentair and their awful underwater lig
  3. Ok... Normally, I never backwash. I just clean the filter every couple of months when the pressure is high enough. I can explain why I do this if you want. I'm backwashing lately because I'm in the process of lowering the way-high phosphates in the water. I've been told to backwash for 3 mins. or so during the course of this chemical treatment that I'm doing vis-a-vis the phosphates. Just wondering how much DE to put in after the 3 mins. of backwashing for this get-rid-of-the-phosphates (mostly at least) work. Thanks-
  4. I have a Hayward DE-2400 model filter and my question is: How much diatomaceous earth (DE) should I precoat the filter with after performing a 2-3 minute backwash? One suggestion that I've received is 1 pound of DE per 10 square feet of filter area. Well, I can't say that I, as the end user, have a very good estimate of how many square feet of filter area the filter grids make up... Anyone have any ideas for how much DE I should use to precoat after backwashing? Incidentally, on start-up (totally clean filter, not backwashed), Hayward specifies 3 pounds of DE. I would sure appreciate any
  5. After moving into a house with a swimming pool, I found out the hard way that vapors from brand new (unopened) gallon jugs of liquid acid stored in a cabinet in my garage caused corrosion/degradation of the metal hinges inside the cabinet. My question is: Will I have the same corrosion/degradation of the metal hinges if I store jugs of liquid chlorine and/or chlorine tablets in my garage cabinets? Of course, I always keep the liquid acid (now stored outside on a covered patio) and chlorine well away from each other. Thanks-
  6. Thanks for the response. I'm reluctant to leave the light on all night because that means replacing the bulb probably every six months or so! Ack! The expense isn't so bad, it is the draining, etc. that is deadly. The pool is about 18 yrs. old and the fixture is about 2.5' below the water line. Plus, the niche attachment bracket is worn out so I have to use an ever-larger (each time) stainless steel sheet metal screw to secure the top of the fixture. Pain. I swear...that niche (Pentair I think) has got to be the most stupidly designed piece of junk since my brother's 1975 Fiat Spider!
  7. Maybe I’m just dreaming, but I’m nonetheless curious... Has anyone heard of a pool light timer that adjusts to changing day lengths (sunrise/sunset times)? I have some of these kinds of in-wall timers in my house and they are really convenient for exterior lights. The timer that controls the pool light now is the original from 1991 (Intermatic, I think) that grinds away but still does its duty without error. Anyone know of newer, reliable timers that will automatically adjust as the days become longer or shorter (depending on your region of the United States as you set it in the timer)?
  8. Brilliant! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! This information and the links are extremely helpful. We couldn't have asked for any more help...except installing it for us! Yes. You are correct. Again, thanks for sharing your expertise! We're gonna have our pool lit-up once again very soon!
  9. This past February, my wife and I replaced the 17-18 yr. old light fixture that situates in the niche of our in-ground swimming pool. We installed a 120 volt Pentair SpaBrite/AquaLight fixture with a 75’ cord (manufactured 12/2008). It came with a 250 watt bulb already installed, however, it can also use a 100 watt bulb. Several days ago, the bulb burnt out. I know this is the problem because (with the power off) I disconnected (un-wired at the J-box) the fixture and checked the resistance between the hot and neutral wires and got a reading of 9,000,000 ohms or so. Failed bulb. Since I
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