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  1. Arctic Spa Repairs?

    Joy was a sarcastic comment...not my name. I'll get the model number when I get home from work.
  2. Arctic Spa Repairs?

    Can't get dealer help!!! I don't know if it is unwilling or unable, but my fustration has climaxed. FLO error on tub...called dealer last Saturday, they charged me the $95 trip fee UP FRONT for a Monday Appointment. Monday came and went with no tech. Called on Monday evening and was told the tech was there, he talked to Kevin. My name is Justin. Tech was not here. Called back and was told they would be there FIRST THING tomorrow!! Tuesday at noon, no tech. Called again. The same lady answered the phone was told me, "Your appointment is for the 7th, it's always been for the 7th." Then, why oh why did you tell me he was running late Monday and would be at our place FIRST THING Tuesday? So, I get to look foward to a week of no usage...and by reading here, at least a new pump installed. Joy.