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  1. I just bought a used tub and i used this to flush out the pipes and all the bacteria that sits in the pipes over the years. My water had a yellowish tint to it as i was flushing it, so it was cleaning out something. I thought it worked very good. http://www.spadepot.com/shop/Spa-System-Fl...z-P436C635.aspx
  2. Sorry not a 4x6. I have been using 5/4 x 6 x 8. That would not fit under the foot well
  3. Sorry not a 4x6. I have been using 5/4 x 6 x 8. That would not fit under the foot well
  4. See the very first pic for an idea of the gap but it was less than 1 in. I could not fit a 4x6 under the foot well. Thanks for the reply. I will post a pic as soon as the foam is cured.
  5. Well i ended up taking a couple of the bottom boards off to access the foot well area and used spray foam to fill in the gap between the foot well and the 4x6's. I searched everywhere and posted this on several websites and did'nt get any answers so i hoping this will work out.
  6. So what do you recommend me doing to support the bottom of the tub. Thanks for the response. Is there enough room for some Trex Decking? Or could you rip some Trex boards in half to support the shell? Seems that would do the trick. DK117 So pretty much your saying i just want to have something underneath the bottom.. So really i could just cut a couple of 2x4's and put them under the shell and secure them by screwing them into the bottom boards?? From the Manufacturer it was set up with foam underneath the middle of the shell and then 2 4X6's. The 4x6's were not touching the bottom of the tub, pretty much how i have it now just with no foam.
  7. So what do you recommend me doing to support the bottom of the tub. Thanks for the response.
  8. Paid 200 for this Hot Tub a little over 2 months ago replaced everything except for the Jet Pump and plumbing. Just about finished have some spots to touch up with stain. Anyways today i bought 40 ft of wire so i could test this thing out in the garage where i have been working on it. Filled it ran it for 30 min with some jet cleaner and everything worked great, no leaks anywhere. I did not see the ozone light on but ill have to look into that. Here are some pics from start to finish, this is my first ever hot tub and i am very happy with how it came out, cant wait to get it moved tomorrow and start using it. Thanks to everyone on this board that has helped me out and answered all my newbie questions I do have one important question i hoping you guys can help me out on. When i first got the tub, there was about 4 boards on the bottom 1 on each side and 2 in the middle. The rest of the bottom was foam, i replaced the 4 boards and used treated 4x6's and enclosed the bottom. Those 2 middle boards had foam in between the top of the board and the bottom of the hot tub. Was this adding any support to the bottom of the tub of just for insulation purposes? I ask this because now there is about a 1-2 inch gap between the bottom of the hot tub and the top of my 4x6's. So i need to spray foam in between there for added support or am i fine?? When the tub was filling you could hear the tub kind of settling, like creaking noises. I am very concerned about this and just want to know if i need to do anything. This first pic is what i am talking about. Thanks for you help! Now for the rehab pics from beginning to end... (I know i am far from i professional Plumber, i get that primer and glue on everything) THE OLD!!! THE NEW!!! Comments Positive or Negative Welcome let me know what you think.
  9. Hmmm.. I really want to use a circ pump but how would i go about getting it so it circulates the water through the heater? Would i just T it off right before the heater? This has got me pretty confused and i cant seem to figure out on the easiest way to do this if even possible.
  10. Thanks for the reply, Ill have to check with balboa on that one, thanks for letting me know i would have never thought of that. I think i may just go with a new circ pump, I have purchased everything new for this spa except for the jet pump. Everyone told me not to dump a lot of money into this hot tub, but i look at it this way.. I will never buy a brand new hot tub, i am 27 and a brand new hot tub is not in the future anytime soon, so i will always buy used. If this hot tub ends up having leaks all over or i want something with more jets, I have all this new equipment that is pretty much universal and can be used in the next hot tub i buy. I enjoy working on it and have learned a lot already, i did not know anything about a hot tub before i got this one. I still kinda confused on the plumbing of a circ pump, i cant believe i cant find any pictures online.
  11. My dad has a 95-98 Tiger River hot tub that has a big crack in the tub so he decided to junk it. So i pulled all the parts off it, got a circ pump, 1.5 hp jet pump,spa control box, and topside controls. Have no use for really anything but the circ pump and since my hot tub 93 vita spa just uses the low speed of my 2 speed pump for filter cycles, i would really like to add this circ pump. My new Balboa vs510sz will handle a circ pump, i may just have to move a wire or two around on the amp plug. The circ pump is a Watkins SilentFlo 5000, HP 1/50, RPM 3400, WATT 65, AMP 0.58, CAP 3.5uf, 115v, 1P, 60hz, 1 Speed Serial No. 9603- 856854 The Tiger Spa i pulled the pump from did not have exposed plumbing, so i am not sure how to plum in this pump. The only connection i think i noticed was a line from the circ pump to a small barb fitting on the jet pump. I cant find anything online about how these things are plumbed, can someone help me out. Since i am re-doing this whole hot tub i figure why not add it now while i have everything apart. Thanks
  12. Thanks everyone for all the help. I had an electrician come out Friday and give me a price. He came out today and Hooked everything up except for the connection to the tub, since i do not have the tub ready yet. I bought all the supply's he did everything else, charged me $200 which i thought was a great price. Thanks again!!
  13. I live in Ohio, tub will be used outside all year around
  14. Thanks for all the reply's and helpful info everyone. First i want to say that i am going to have an electrician come out and hook up all the connections, but i want to do everything that i can to cut the cost some. This is a learning experience for me and i enjoy doing it, I am 27 and have always wanted to drop my job now and get into an electrician apprenticeship program and am still putting a lot of thought into it. The new wire i got does say THHN or THWN or THWN-2 so it is the outdoor type. I took some pictures so everyone can see where the hot tub is going, inside panel, and the very short run i have. This is where the hot tub will be sitting This is the back of the condo where my gfci box will be and also where i will be drilling a hole for the wire to come out from panel box. The panel box is mounted on the same wall as the picture above, so its a very short run.
  15. Well i returned that wire to Lowe's and picked up this.... I need to see what kind and size conduit i have to run to be up to code. Since it's THHN i will have to run conduit inside the home. Does anyone know the kind of conduit i can use? I think i am going to have to go with 1 inch, but not sure what type
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