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  1. Hot Springs Rlx Works - But Heat Cuts Off

    Are you in or near Maryland - I have a RLX I am selling - the cover is unopened/brand new!
  2. Hot Spot Rlx Leaking

    pm sent
  3. Hot Spot Rlx Leaking

    Thanks Pete for the quick response (today is probably the last warm day here in MD) Is removing the pump a big job - let's say 1 hour job - or 4 hour job? Is there a DIY on the forum? (I looked could not find one) or a shop manual? or am I over analizing this (lol) Since you used to be in Richmond - is there anyone you can personally recommend to repair the tub? (Silver Spring, MD) How long might it take a certified tech to repair? (tub is very easy to access) Thanks! Chris
  4. Hot Spot Rlx Leaking

    Hello, I searched and have read several posts but none specific to my situation. I am new to this forum but have been tubbing for nine years The tub was purchased new and has developed a leak. It appears to be where the motor shaft goes into the wet side pump (I have a short video if needed) Is this a common problem for this tub? Is this model difficult (compared to others) to work on? I take very good care of it - I am the only user and want to keep it. Trying to find out if it's going to cost a fortune to repair. Is there anyone in MD (Silver Spring) that has worked on this model? The cold weather will be here very soon. Thanks in advance. Chris