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  1. Well this new season and still working fine.. The silicone gasket works great...It doesn't take much wood to add 10-15 deg. to this tub...Sweet not having a costly electric heater.....
  2. The peel and stick foam has not worked to well to seal the lid down tight, little trickles still prevail. The inside of the lid has a corgated edge. So I am trying silicone as a gasket.
  3. I added 8 brackets to clamp down the lid. Also I can use the fire for more than heat the water. I finally got a real cover off craigs-list and extended the frame to accommodate it.
  4. I have tightened the hose clamps to the max yet they still drip. The fittings (thru-hull boat fittings) are barbed and the hose went on real tight but still leaks. What would be a good resilient sealant to use,not glue?
  5. I got it fired up this evening the water temp is 60 and after about 45min. the outlet temp coming into the tub is 90. I used 3/4 ply laid on top of the stainless lid for rigid support and ratchet straps for now. A pic. with the stove door open.
  6. The barrel is set now working on making the lid watertight.
  7. more pics. I also have an idea to shrink the amount of water in the tank so it would heat up faster. The outside dia. of a plastic 55gal drum is about 2'' smaller, so if I cut it to fit inside with 4'' of space off the bottom that should do the trick. Just bolting it around the top lip to keep it in-place. I also have a stainless lid that came with this but it just lays on top. It would be nice to have a sealed lid for it.
  8. Well it is another season and new Ideas I am converting a wood fired stainless canner I have had for a few years. I still have to drill holes in the tub and install the 11/2'' thru-hull fittings, like the ones I installed in the steel tank. Here is a pic. of the hot tub I got for free last year.
  9. Wonder how much that guy spent on copper? I think it said $200.something.............
  10. I got a pair of the dollys Harbour Freight carries to put my pop-up camper on and the wheels were to poor quality to roll it arround ,and they were suposed to be for cars. What a joke....
  11. Dr. Spa I'd like to see pics. of the inside of the Chofu firebox. I understand their is a bafel inside that is water-filled also along with the 1'' water-jacket surrounding the stove fire box. Be nice to see how it is built. Could you send pics???????? No bones about it the electricity these things use realy adds up. My FREE tub came with a working pump but the electronics were gone. And poptones that is used to heat an inground pool. Cheaper than a tankles water heater but I wonder which would use less propane....... http://www.redneckpoolheater.com/
  12. Has any one atempted to build one? I have been searching the net for months and found verry few that don't require the use of a pump. I built one that ran through the pump on low speed and heated the water up from 80deg.-110deg. but it took about 4-5hrs. uses a lot of elect. I found this Chofu heater on the net (cost about $800.) Also this type of heater using stainless steel coils. (Dutch tub)
  13. Sounds like the lanlord is void of any comon sense. Isnt the roof 7=8' above the patio? Does it rain and snow out side what the.........
  14. Get a cabinet maker to rebuild the inclosure and yes the cabinet is supporting the sides of the tub and no it is not anchored to the concrete.
  15. Good luck on that one I got my tub free off Craigslist this summer and the wife never did get in it.
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