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  1. I have a 3 year old Jacuzzi 310 hot tub that is inside the house. Wife and I are the only ones who use it and always shower before getting in. I have no problems keeping ph within range. I have the ozone system and use very little bromine occasionally. My problem is the water is hard and makes our skin itch after using it multiple times. Hot Springs dealer wants to sell me a new salt water tub. Another dealer says to switch current tub to a salt water system. Is the salt water system going to prematurely ruin the heater and pumps? I can not find an additive to soften water without leaving a film. We use the tub 4-5 days a week year round. Looking for some kind of solution from you experts out there. Do's and dont's to cure this problem??
  2. I'm a newbie here and am looking for anybody with experience with Maax Spas California Cooperage line. We are looking at the 102 model which will be inside the house with a year round temp of 70 Degrees.Is it wise to go with the 110V wiring or do we need to go with the 220v since it will be indoors? I am looking at a few different spas- The California Cooperage 102 or Maax 351. Also looking for other comparable 2-3 person tubs in the $4000-$6000 price range.Other brands locally available are Hot Springs,Jacuzzi,Sundance, and Great Lakes. Most of these are 2-3 thousand more though.Any help is appreciated. Have not done the wet test yet, but will before we buy.
  3. We are looking to purchase our first spa and are looking for a smaller sized tub. Two dealers are in the final running, one with a new Jacuzzi J315 which he will have to order from the factory and the other has a Maax 2008 floor model but never had water in it. We are leaning toward the Jacuzzi but the Maax has twice as many jets. The Jacuzzi is $4500 with cover,ozone,chemicals,set up and delivered. The Maax is $5500 with same.This tub will be INSIDE the house at 70 degrees year round.Which is best choice on spa and also for power usage? Any suggestions appreciated.Both dealers are very reputable.
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