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  1. Hello, and sorry or the late reply, I just saw that you responded. Thank you, as usual. The tub is a 2008 Model I believe, I will set the filtration cycles to lower.
  2. I came here to post almost the exact same question, and you seem to have the answers, so hopefully you'll chime in. i have a Freeflow Passport that I set to 85 degrees because i don't plan on using it for a while. The current temperature states that it is at 98. I had it at 101 about a month ago. Is it possible that the spa has held temp for over a month? It has been very hot here in Socal but I can't seem to believe that it has stayed at that temp with the spa set to 85, especially being that it is not very well insulated from what I hear,
  3. Ok, that will work. Is it legal for me to ship chemicals like that?
  4. I hope this Ok to post here. I bought a new tub and the previous owner used baquaspa. I use chlorine, and have no use for the baqua stuff, and would like to give it to someone here rather than have it go to waste. There are a lot of chemicals, some brand new and some a bit used. He said it's over 200 worth of stuff. Please let me know
  5. Chem geek, it's a pleasure to see you still on here and helping people out, honestly. You as well preserved swine. Thank you both very much. If I have the ozonator, I would see a separate "box" or something similar right? There's nothing in the component compartment. I picked up the tub used, so I am not sure if the previous owner installed the ozone generator or not.
  6. I have been out of the tub scene for a while, but recently picked up a Freeflow Passport spa, and have been happy with it so far. It's a 200 Premier Model, and according to the manual which is otherwise useless, the tub has an Ozone Jet that comes on periodically to clean the tub. The manual does not say where it is, or anything like that. Also, on my control box, there is an ozone label, with a separate wiring coming from it, but I have no idea where it leads. Is this "ozone" just a marketing gimmick, or is there something actually there that does some sort of cleaning? Thank you like always everyone.
  7. Hey again. I had posted recently about my 2001 Altamar having issues. I changed the heater out, and just replaced the circulation pump. The tub worked for a few days, but now I get a solid flo error. The problem is, the circ pump is working jut fine, and the flow switch is in the closed position. If I turn power off to the tub, and turn it back on, it works for little while then goes back to the flo error. Any ideas what this could be? All the recent issues coming up at the same time makes me worried it could be the circuit board. Thanks again in advance.
  8. Another update, in case anyone has the same issue, and also one more question. So it turns out I had a bad circulation pump, even though it was only about a year old. I replaced it, and everything seems to work ok. What I am wondering is if a bad circ pump would trip the breaker or blow the fuse. I did also change the heater, which fixed the tripping issue, but I wonder why the pump and heater seemed to go out at the exact same time. Is this common, or did I replace the heater unnecessarily?
  9. The pump is a 220, so I don't think I can test it on the regular house plug. Is there another way to test to the pump while it's still on the spa?
  10. Thanks for your response Brett. It's the smaller sized pump, with 3 wires, each goes into the board. I will check if it's getting voltage and hopefully figure out my issue.
  11. Umm, I think if the fuse was bad, the tub wouldn't be running at the moment, and it is. I read an old thread on another board and someone had the exact same issue I have. He said a bad relay was the culprit and he was able to just switch some wires because thee is an additional relay on the Sundance board. Anyone ever heard of this? I would really like to be able to use the tub. Thanks again everyone
  12. No sir, the circ pump does not run, and I have tried without the filter in. It's also a brand new filter.
  13. No sir, the circ pump does not run, and I have tried without the filter in. It's also a brand new filter.
  14. Well....... I am back again. I replaced the heater, and now I have a flo error. I was able to determine (with help) that the circulation pump is the culprit. The pump is only about a year old..... so I doubt it failed that quickly. Also, it failed only after I replaced the heater. Is there another cause for this? Could it be a bad relay? Could the heater failing have caused something to happen to the circ pump? Thank you all again for the help, it is very much appreciated.
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