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  1. I get between 4-5 months of use out of water. As it has been said up to this point, it depends on usage, and when I start to have problems keeping the water balanced, I change it. I was not aware of the total disolved solids test (how do you test for that ?). I'm on my 3 water fill of a D1 Californian since Nov 2005. Anyways, whenever I change my water, I change the vision cartridge. I prefer to have best water possible if I am going to change the water.
  2. I purchased a Dimension One Californian for $8700 in Nov 05. The Diplomat II was about 2000 more, so the price of 9900 sounds like a good buy. We ended up with the ultralife shell, the "drab white" color. Yes, even though the company may require you to pay shipping for a failure, the track record for these types of shells must be good, which is why they have a lifetime warranty, and so therefore, I will most likely have lower chance of failure. The effort to replace a failing tub sounded like more work, headache, and anxiety then I would want to go through with, even if it was covered. I've had two colored shell spa's before this. I don't mind the white at all, and at night with colored lights, it is still an appealing setting. My wife likes the white because it looks "clean". A wireless remote for tub functions wouldn't be of much value to me. Regarding chemicals, it all depends on usage and cleanliness. We love our D1 tub. We use a vision cartridge (silver cartridge), and with regular maitnenance, our water is almost always clear and odor free. We get about 4 to 4.5 months of use out of our water before a new fill is required. Each time I have pitched the old vision cartidge, and started with a new one. Hope this helps.
  3. wantaspa

    Problem, Need Advice And Help

    I assume you have tried doing a backwash first before adding tablets to see if that makes any difference at all in level of dirt. however, I can't understand where dirty water is being stored and not filtered until you shut off the pump. does shutting off the pump and turning it back on (without opening the feeder) produce the same result of dirty water? strange. I am at a loss and someone who knows the plumbing better on your pool would need to get involved. good luck.
  4. wantaspa

    Problem, Need Advice And Help

    yuck. I have a chlorine feeder in my system and was intrigued by your problem. I have observed the same things when adding tablets to the chlorine feeder (pressure release, sounds of water draining and air being inserted into the system). I do not have the problem with dirt being pumped into the system when starting it up. When I turn my main pump off, I close all the valves to the pool to prevent air from getting into the lines to the pool. I assume your sand filter has been backwashed regularly to remove dirt/sediment from it. not much help, but will watch this post for replies from others.... good luck.
  5. wantaspa

    Which Pool Bottom?

    anniedraws, Thought I would respond to this for you. I am also in the process of building a vinyl liner pool in central iowa. I can't imagine not having the vermiculite shell as it provides for a much more cleaner and smoother floor and sidewalls that your liner will fit better in. I watched them prepare and complete the vermiculite process and while not overly difficult, would not attempt this myself, and I'm a do-it-yourselfer type person. If you need help locating someone, perhaps my pool vendor can refer you to someone they know in the industry. WCI Pools and Spa in Ames, Iowa.
  6. I'm trying to avoid building a fence around my new pool and spoil the backyard view. I am installing an automatic cover that will locked. Has anyone does an automatic pool cover as safety option and in lieu of installing a fence around the pool? And had your insurance company accept the cover over the fence?
  7. wantaspa

    Which Tub To Choose?

    I owned two catalina spas before purchased in 99 and 2000. I purchased a D1 in Nov 2005. While I did not consider a catalina spa this time because of poor dealer support before, I am very satisfied with my D1 spa. I had to deal with the trip charges on my catalina spa. In fairness, the dealer was at least 1 hour away. When I purchased my D1, I checked into trip charges and was quoted a fuel surcharge fee that I thought was fair for the distance. Additionally, the dealer said that if my issue/repair wasn't urgent, they would schedule with other repairs/work to be done in the area and not charge me a trip charge at all. Again, this seemed fair. The dealer has only had to stop by once since the install in Nov. Hope this helps.
  8. wantaspa

    "vision" Cartridge For D1 Yea? Nea?

    I purchased/installed a D1 in November with Vision cartridge installed. I use a little chorine crystals after each use to help sanitize or at least 2-3 times weekly as maintenance. I also have ozone generation as well. The information I got with my D1 helped also explain a little of the water chemistry, and the dealer helped intially as well as questions later. I'm down to maintenance 2-3 times per week with a little chlorine. On Mondays, I add bright and clear, on Wed I add Defender, and on Fri I add enzyme. My water is great! This is in comparison to two previous spas where I relied heavily on bromine or chorine for sanitization. I'm convinced on the mineral (vision cartridge), that I am doing the same for my pool
  9. wantaspa

    ? About Bypass Filtration

    I purchased a D1 in November. I wet tested both Hotsprings and D1. While the 100% no-bypass filtering on the Hotsprings seemed appealing, I liked the jets better in the D1 and that ultimately helped me make my mind. I think if you choose either tub, you will be satisfied, if the water is clean, clear, odor free, and sparkling. Both tubs will perform enough filtering to make that happen, but you, the tub owner will still need to keep your pool maintained on weekly basis from a chemical. I maintain my tub 2-3 times weekly. It takes me less than 5 min each time, and my water is great.
  10. Bought a D1 Californian in November. Lights and the fountain are fine on the D1 Californian. I think they make the tub more appealing from an entertaining sort of way. However, you sound like jets are important, and that's why I bought a D1 (over a hotsprings tub).
  11. wantaspa

    D1 Vs Hot Springs

    I have owned 2 hot tubs prior to buying my 3rd hot tub. I narrowed my selection down between a hotsprings and a d1 californian. I wet tested both (which I think you should do). I believe I would have been happy with either tub, but the D1 seemed to fit me better, and I liked the jets on the D1. Good luck!!
  12. wantaspa

    White Foam Problem

    Jerry123 I use occasional chorine crystals with built in ozonator and I add chlorine usually after use. To keep water clear, I use 3 chemicals during the week. mondays about 1-2oz of bright and clear (leisurtime), on Wed about 1-2 oz of defender (leisuretime), and on Friday's about 1 oz of enzyme (leisuretime). I was not doing the enzyme for a period of time and noticed the same condition you mention. I would have to use a foam down with every use. After using the enzyme for about 3 weeks now, I have noticed very little foam, and have been able to stop using the foam down.
  13. wantaspa

    Sport Pool....or Not?

    Thanks Dennis. Good thoughts. BTW, did you consider a vynill pool, versus fiberglass?
  14. Hello all, I'm in the process of planning for an inground swimming pool. Approximate size will be 32X16 or as big as 40X20. I have a local builder who has an excellent reputation. The design issue I am stuck on is whether or not to build a sport pool (shallow at both ends) or a more traditional pool with a deep end. I have young children who are all excellent swimmers. Some of the more common pro's and con's a) sport pool perhaps would use less water sport pool would eliminate diving as an option...reduced liabilty I guess what I am after is some feedback from owners of either pool (sport pool or deep end pool), what you chose and why, and do you have any feedback/changes you wished you made after the pool was installed? Thank you kindly for your thoughts.
  15. In the market for a new spa. I am down to the Hot Springs Envoy and the Dimension 1 Californian. Cost is nearly the same for both. What I like best about Hot Springs 1) No-bypass filtration 2) strong dealer presence and support 3) look and feel is more elegant What I like best about the Dimension 1 spas 1) more jets and better hydro -therapy 2) ultralife shell Any other input and considerations the group can give me before I make the plunge? Thanks.