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  1. After you drain the hot tub, use a wet/dry vac in BLOW mode to blow out the plumbing lines. HS tubs with no-bypass filtration make this step very simple. Pull the filters and remove the plastic filter stems, leaving just the open suction holes. I start with the gray suction that goes through the circ pump and heater. Blow through that fitting and it will blow out all of the water within the circ pump and heater, depositing the water in the tub. Repeat the blow out on the remaining white suction holes. The white suction fittings are PAIRED, so you will have to seal one while blowing through the other. You can use your hand or possibly a rag. Each jet pump will have two white suction fittings. Be sure to rotate any water diverters while doing this blow out to ensure all jet banks get thoroughly blown out. Vacuum out the water that is in the tub and vacuum each fitting. I like to physically remove the heater return screen in order to vacuum that line better. Finally, I like to add some -50 degree RV antifreeze into each suction fitting and the heater return line. Put a watertight covering over the tub when complete. John
  2. You may also want to open the vinyl hose going into the mazzei (ozone) injector and remove the round screen in the footwell and vacuum out any calcium chips found. I have had numerous customers that have had major calcium build up in the heater that resulted in blockages at those location as well and they had to clean both areas out a couple of times over the course of a year or so. John
  3. Next step is ground fault readings and amp readings. John
  4. If you are the original owner, this should be under warranty. Contact your dealer. A travel charge at most and they will put a new circ pump in for you. John
  5. Here is the online specs, actual monthly cost is dependent on you p/kw hr rate in your area. Great spas, great new operating systems by Gecko and well worth looking into. D1 is a great product, and I say that from experience of having worked in the Service Department for years. Seats: 5-6 Dimensions: 84" x 84" x 36" Jets: 35 The Aurora is the perfect place to relax by yourself or kick back with a couple of friends. There’s contoured seating all around, promoting proper body positioning, and the amazing UltraLounge for a full body hydro massage. You can also enjoy the calming affects of Chromotherapy, with the LFX package. Energy Efficiency Info Monthly Cost: $11.30 D1Dennis, did you not survive the Sundance/Jacuzzi takeover?? John
  6. The only way to actually get a tub into the 130's is for a multiple relay failure on the circuit board. That, and somehow you must have circulation through the heater again. Time for a real pro, not a hack. This temp level can be dangerous. John
  7. Which red LED is flashing?? Main board?? Heater relay board?? Control panel??? Your post is unclear as to WHICH red light is blinking.
  8. If the flashing red led is on the new heater relay board, then you either have a defective new heater relay board, didn't wire up the conductors correctly or didn't set the relay voltage selector on the new heater relay board correctly. John
  9. Updated links to proposed changes in the bill and position statements by APSP. I hope to see my fellow Mass service pro's at the meeting next week. http://origin.library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1102534572483-17/COVER+LETTER+re+Mass+licensing+bill.pdf http://origin.library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1102534572483-16/2014+Mass+talking+points+for+why+licensing++current+and+proposed+law+.pdf http://origin.library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1102534572483-18/MA+Bill+S85+pool+spa+licensing+with+suggested+amendments.pdf
  10. I am only returning to this forum to update this particular discussion and to warn professionals serving the Massachusetts market that the APSP is making another attempt at passing Senate Bill 85. Here is a link to their meeting announcement concerning this legislation: http://origin.library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1102534572483-14/MA+Pool+Legislation+Meeting.pdf I asked for a copy of the proposed amendments since I am on the committee studying this legislation, but one of the APSP attorneys has informed me that they are still working on the changes, so I won't have a copy until later this week or early next week. It is interesting to note that our study committee did have a healthy debate regarding the failings of the current bill and some proposed changes, but were never asked to vote on whatever the APSP plans to introduce in the way of amendments. At this point, I do not even know if any of my concerns have been addressed. Oh, one other thing. Take this with a grain of salt because I am NOT a lawyer, but the current wording of the proposed legislation appears to outlaw repairs by ALL unlicensed individuals. I believe this may include homeowners as well, unless they take the required training and meet whatever other regulations are required for licensure. The proposed legislation makes repairing and servicing hot tubs and pools without a license a misdemeanor punishable by a fine, which would make such work a crime falling within the purview of the District Courts. Here is a link to the current bill which had it's most recent hearing on Beacon Hill in January: https://malegislature.gov/Bills/188/Senate/S85
  11. Sorry folks, but this is my final post. Below is what I received and my response in return. In the end, this is not my site and I am not going to be compelled to violate my ethics. John Members 468 posts 0 warning points Sent Today, 07:10 PM webmaster, on 03 Sept 2013 - 1:22 PM, said: Well, I don't wish to step on any toes. It would be helpful for me to know which specific posts you object to, as this is very vague. In some cases regarding specific manufacturers NOT standing by customers, I have the appropriate documentation with names, addresses, dates, account numbers, etc, especially regarding some of the crap that Master pulls. For the record, I do not sell hot tubs. I have no agenda regarding steering people to or from any particular brand. I can supply references from many dealers selling many different brands of tubs regarding my skill and knowledge across the industry. May I suggest that a more appropriate method for handling issues of this type is to simply not allow the non-professionals to ask for opinions regarding the various brands. I have certainly not been the only pro on this board to respond to the requests for our opinions regarding just about every brand under the sun. I am also not the only pro to point out the problem manufacturers. Rather than having to scold us pro's after the fact, why don't you simply not allow such requests to be made in the first place?? Make a sticky concerning the matter and delete any offending posts once someone asks. Then you'll never have pro's rendering a judgement and the only remaining public posts will be technical in nature. Frankly, much of this is due to the fact that you DO let non-professionals post these types of questions and they receive biased responses from some knucklehead who just bought his first tub at Costco six months before and he is convinced that it is the finest tub ever made!!! I'll refrain from further posts on your board. This is your sand box and it is your rules. I can respect that, but I will not be a willing participant while you let unprofessional opinions continue uncorrected. I have an engineering background (I attended USMA at West Point), plus hold licenses for gas equipment and refrigeration. I am on the study committee here in Massachusetts that is steering Senate Bill 85, which may bring licensing of this trade to this state. I also perform professional forensics analysis/consulting for insurance and engineering firms when one of these pieces of equipment catches fire and there is a significant loss. I have 29 years of experience working on jetted tubs, hot tubs, sauna, steam, gas pool heaters and heat pumps. I believe that I provided very good information in the posts that I have made to date. I'm sorry that you feel that my professional opinion regarding a question or circumstance posed by a non-professional member of your board is somehow disparaging and/or inappropriate. Well, I'm not about to compromise my ethics, so I'll just move on. Sorry, John
  12. Sundance and Jacuzzi have a special test plug that plugs into the board in place of the sensor loom and bypassing the temp sensor, the limit sensor and the flow switch. This test plug is designed by Sundance to mimic 73 degrees F back to the electronics in order to test for board and topside issues. Did the tech insert this test plug into the board before announcing his diagnosis??? I would never condemn a Sundance board without testing it with this particular tool, unless the damage is blatant such as obviously bulged/leaking caps or a board that is obviously burnt. John
  13. Sounds like he didn't jumper the new board correctly. I am heading out for a long day today, so do not have time to post the info right now, but I have the jumper list for the new board here. I will post it later if nobody else beats me to it. John
  14. Your best bet for the Wrentham area is either New England Spas or myself. I doubt a dirty filter would give you temperature regulation issues unless it is also accompanied by FLO error messages. Watch it and report back, but this is generally a failing temp sensor and/or circuit board. FLO error messages would generally be caused by defective flow switches or circ pumps. John
  15. You are about to remove one of the finest single jet pump hot tubs on the market and replace it with one of the biggest pieces of junk because you either disagree with the dealers diagnosis (circ pump) or because the dealer is an incompetent servicer. Frankly, that does not compute in my mind. Dirty filters and bad circ pumps are the number one reason for this particular error, but I've also seen heater hot spots, bad sensors and bad main circuit boards as the culprit. John
  16. You are about to remove one of the finest single jet pump hot tubs on the market and replace it with one of the biggest pieces of junk because you either disagree with the dealers diagnosis (circ pump) or because the dealer is an incompetent servicer. Frankly, that does not compute in my mind. Have you dirty filters and bad circ pumps are the number one reason for this particular error, but I've also seen heater hot spots, bad sensors and bad main circuit boards as the culprit. John
  17. The windings in the motor (start winding and run winding) are separate, so you may have an issue with the low speed run winding. I'd still do a capacitance check on the caps though. A weak cap can also exhibit this seemingly strange behavior. John
  18. If you want to settle the issue of whether the problem with your tub is electrical or waste heat, pull the panels and insulation nearest the jet pumps so that any heat from them is NOT retained in the cabinet. Then use the tub a couple of times and report back what happens. I have a hard time believing that any Master product would overheat from waste heat, short of being in the Sahara desert, but it doesn't hurt to try this test and it will firm up any claim you have for a refund. If this does solve the overheating issue, the solution may be as simple as ducting motor exhaust to the outside of the cabinet. This idea is something that Master should have tried in order to resolve your problem, but throwing up their hands and fluffing you off is typical behavior. I am not surprised. John
  19. Question #1= Yes. Question #2= No. The vinyl hose included with the new circ pump is to be used in the event you have 1" vinyl hose in the tub and you need to mate it to the circ pump's 3/4 inch barbs. It is a filler between the two hose sizes. You can usually pinch off further out near the heater where there are longer hose lengths. John
  20. Try disconnecting the auxiliary panel from the control box first. It's connector mates to the main topside cable in the control box. A faulty button in the aux panel will frequently cause this problem. Disconnecting the aux panel will rule this in or out as your issue. John
  21. 6 amps at 230 volts is fairly tame and equals about 1 horsepower or so. They cannot be talking an honest 6 horsepower. John
  22. You need to determine why the circ pump is not running. That is where the problem is. John
  23. Go by your instincts based on the wet testing. Could you enjoy your tub when you are floating out as you put it??? From a material quality standpoint, they are evenly matched. John
  24. Well, I don't know how you can properly re-plumb a tub that was engineered for two pumps over to a one pump system without going to a very large pump, and that would require 230 volts, something you are trying to avoid. I won't bother trying to elaborate on the additional friction losses that will happen when trying to force more water via one path to compensate for the loss of the second path. The ideal solution to your problem would be to acquire the proper two pumps for your tub, then acquire a pack that can properly service those two motors. Again though, two-motor packs cannot be set up for 115 volt operation and stay within the limited ampacity of 115 volt circuits. Have you analyzed the flow rate/pump curve data of the two pumps that you have acquired to determine if they will work properly with your existing tub jets??? If you have undersized your pumps, flow rates will be anemic and some jets may not work at all. If you oversized, you'll get pump cavitation. Tubs are manufactured so that pumps/motors are matched to deliver proper flow at the proper pressure range to the jets. You cannot simply slap in any old pump/motor and have it work properly, unless you get very lucky. Have you looked at the side of your S-Class box and determined the FLA figure for pump 1??? John
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