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  1. just did this decon on my tub and man I have never seen water so clear!!! love the Nature 2 set up...Good bye baqua suck! I would advise anyone that has traces of FC in their tap water to stay away from baqua spa. You'll run into tough times with baqua spa. Thanks to Nitro and the board members for all their help!!
  2. If your using N2 with MPS/Dichlor, you can leave your TA at 80ppm. Be careful using N2 though. Make sure you always have either Chlorine and/or MPS in the tub at all times. If you have more than 2 people soaking, I recommend you have some Chlorine (1-3 ppm) in the tub with MPS. I'm still not convinced N2 with MPS alone is enough during high bather loads, but I could be wrong. Better to be safe than sorry. When you say chlorine, do you mean the dichlor? ANd thanks for the advice again! btw this is the kit I got: http://www.lesliespool.com/browse/Home/Wat...:400000/I/81330
  3. I'm not familar with the kit you got, but I'd be willing to bet it's not the same as the Taylor K-2006. Just curious, when you measure Free Chlorine (FC), do you count drops or do you compare the color? You compare colors.. ALl the chemicals are from taylor.. Even the instruction booklet says taylor! It literally looks like all they did was get there own box and slap there Leslie logo on it.. Why would you put the rest Spa Flush in? Just save it for next time. Well my theory is because my water is so out of sync that the spa flush isnt working because the water is not balanced.. Looks good, but you still may need to lower TA to 50-60, IF you plan on using the Dichlor/Bleach method. If I'm using nature2 and mps/dichlor do I still need the TA to be at 50-60? The N2 manual said 80- 120 Also do you think because my tap water has chlorine thats whats making baqua spa not work for my spa? or is baqua spa crap either way lol
  4. I recommend These test strips for making quick FC measurements. BUT you're still going to need a Drop Test Kit to measure CD, TA, pH, CH and CYA. You cannot measure them with any precision using Guess (Test) Strips. I got the leslie's pool test kit which is pretty much the taylor kit but with leslie name on it and $20 bucks cheaper Today I put half a bottle of Spa flush (350 gal jacuzzi) in and ran the jets for 30 min.. I got alot of foam but not much if any deposit.. I know my water not balance but my question is when I empty it out tomorrow and refill, add the colorox and some mps can I put the rest of the spa flush in again and run the jets then empty? or will it nor react well with the colorox? btw when I was at leslie I had them test my water from tap and this is what I got: FAC= 2 TAC=2 PH=7.5 TA=80 CYA=0 It looks like its pretty balanced from the tap with exception of the chlorine level..
  5. would this kit work? http://www.spadepot.com/shop/AquaChek-Sele...t-P9236C60.aspx
  6. Is there any cheaper kits out there? Thats alot of money just to test water
  7. My water is usually pretty good from the tap.. the only thing is that it needs the calcium hardness increaser.. I will look into getting that kit. Thanks alot NItro your always a big help
  8. Hi guys.. so I'm getting ready to do the decontamination and switch from baqua spa to nature 2 setup this is what I am purchasing. Can you pls let me know if I'm missing anything? I don not have an ozonator in the tub. Also I'm using city water and usually the only thing I need to balance it is calcium increaser: for decon: 1- spa flush 1- bleach 2- new filters 1lb - dichlor sanitizing granules 1- oxy spa non chlorine mps 1- nature2 filter 1- calcium hardness increaser (can I use the baqua spa one?) Am I missing anything?
  9. Im switching from baqua spa to nature2. Do you think it would be alright to just use spa flush, drain and replace the filters? Then refilling it, adding the n2 cartridge and MPS and calling it a day? Unfortunately in s. cali were on tight water regulations so I cant keep emptying it and refilling it twice.
  10. I'm Planning on switching from baqua spa to the nature2 set up.. It sounds like I will need dichlor and thats MPS cense stuff... Is there a specific brand of dichlor that is recommended? Should I also put new filters in since I was using baqua spa or will that not make a difference?
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