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  1. Do a search here...it's a ripoff. I'm guessing you have an Arctic Spa?? What's wrong with good old chlorine or bromine?
  2. Our Sundance Maxxus has LED lighting around the valve knobs, under the waterfalls, and beneath the waterline. It is very powerful, which can also be controlled/managed through the use of the diverter / air valves. It has a great sound system that has a left/right speaker in each corner seat, as well as a subwoofer inside the cabinet. The head unit has an AM/FM tuner, CD player, internal HDD capable of playing MP3s, can play / load from a USB stick, and has a docking station for iPods / iPhones. There is also a line-in input for other sources. Arguably, it is the best stereo in the business. Jacuzzi uses the same head unit, but only places one speaker in each corner, which leaves you hearing only 1 channel in 1 ear (stupid). It has a waterproof remote control which allows you to control the jets, lighting, and stereo. It does have a lounger, but doesn't have external lighting.
  3. hahaha...looks like someone at Arctic is trying to do some damage control...way too obvious!
  4. There is no real benefit to it, its just something HS does differently that they really like to hype. The Sundance's water gets plenty of filtration via the normal circ pump / process, and there is no need to also run the jet pumps through the filters. As you experienced, it adversely effects the output pressure. What is more important? A nice powerful raw (unfiltered) massage jet using water drawn from the main body of the tub , or a weaker jet that is using water drawn through the filters? As well, HS has to use several filters in order to provide the filtering capacity, which is something you should think about with respect to maintenance (cleaning and replacing 5 filters!!) 100% no bypass filtration = overhyped overkill (IMHO)
  5. ...however, at the same time, they may be a dealer that simply does not like to "play the game", and as such have given you their rock bottom price. What's worse, a dealer that is willing to tell you his absolute rock-bottom selling price, or one that artificially and significantly inflates their price, and the actual price you will pay depends on your negotiating skills? Believe me, everyone likes to think they are great wheeler-dealers, but I negotiate for a living, and most people who think they are good at negotiating have absolutely no clue. I would suggest you do your homework and see what kind of a deal this offer really is. This is less than my Maxxus 880 cost me, but the Maxxus is a larger tub. If it is decent price for this tub, and the dealer has a good reputation, then I say go for it.
  6. hahaha Welcome to the world of hot tubs!!! When I was shopping, I went in to a local D1 dealer who had a "regular" price posted on a particular tub of ~21K. They also had a "Sale" price posted of $18,499.00 right below that. After speaking with a sales rep for a bit, and when it was evident that I was not too interested in committing to a purchase, he ran to his desk and came back and offered me an "exceptional" price - a builder's discount - of $16,999.00. After poking around a bit, I discovered that I could buy this same tub from a dealer in another city ~2 hrs away, for $12K. ...its just the way this game is played. I have learned that you DO get what you pay for, but at the same time, it is VERY easy to pay waaaay too much. Suggest you do lots of research, check ALL the local dealers, perhaps even call some dealers in nearby cities, etc. and you will eventually get a feel for what you might have to pay, and then YOU will be able to make the decision on what is a fair price (for you). One more thing to consider, is that it is definitely worth it to buy from an established, credible, dependable etc. etc. dealer. In my opinion, it is worth a few extra bucks to have that peace of mind. There are plenty of thigns to go wrong with these things, and having a dealer who provides top notch follow-up service, is key.
  7. I use the silver cartridge in my Maxxus, in addition to the bleach. I think of it as insurance, in case I don't use the tub one night and forget to throw a little bleach in. 30-40 bucks or so for 3-4 months (for the cartridge) isn't too bad, especially considering the money I am saving by not buying spa shop chemicals. I would recommend adding the borates though. I initially didn't add them and noticed the ph bounce fairly regularly. With the borate (Borax), I have noticed a big difference in the consistency of the ph.
  8. I would pick the Sundance over the others. Don't confuse Sundance and Jacuzzi. Even though they are owned by the same company, they are not clones of each other. I owned a J-480 last summer, for about 6 weeks, and then returned it and bought a Sundance Maxxus instead (long story - different thread). The Sundance is head and shoulders superior to the Jacuzzi. You DO get what you pay for!
  9. Do the Tiger River's also use the easy to maintain / cheap to replace 5 filter system the the Hot Springs do? [/sarcasm]
  10. I can't comment about the J-280 and the Sundance Hartford, but I CAN directly compare the two manufacturer's flagship models, the J-480 and the Maxxus, as I have owned both. The Sundance Maxxus is far superior to the Jacuzzi in every aspect. Assuming this same principle applies to the lower end models, I would go with the Sundance. People keep talking about how Sundance and Jacuzzi are owned by the same company, built in the same factory, etc. but that is about the only similarity...they are not simply rebadged versions of each other. Sundance = Lexus....Jacuzzi = Toyota
  11. We bought a 2009 Maxxus a couple months ago and absolutely love it! It replaced a Jacuzzi J-480 that we had for a few weeks, then returned (long story...). The Maxxus is far superior to the J-480 in every way. I highly recommend the Maxxus. That price is less than we paid, but ours was new, and we paid Cdn dollars, so I can't comment on the price. Awesome tub though!
  12. Voice....being the elite dealer / businessman you are, would you care to divulge what dealership you run, and in what city please? If you're at all close to me, or any of the cities I frequent, I would love to stop by and check it out in person. And, just out of curiosity, how exactly do you know that you are one of the best in the country? Thanks
  13. Kevin, Have you shopped around to the other dealers in town? I checked out Paradise Bay before I purchased, and was immediately put off by their "salesmanship"...specifically, I was given a very heavy sales pitch and some unrealistic information regarding Peroxysan from Paradises's "top salesman". From my personal experience, I would strongly suggest you go see the guys at Sun Spa before you buy anything. While it is easy to get ripped off in this market, I do also believe that you do get what you pay for, and it is many times worth it to spend a little bit more in beginning, to have peace of mind in the long run.
  14. I'm far from an expert, but the first thing that jumped out at me was that your CYA is waaaay too high. You are lucky that you found this forum, 'cuz now you know what many others don't. You are right, that many others are probably in the same boat as you and don't know it. Thankfully you can avoid any potential issues given the information available here. Hate to say it, but if I were you, I would drain and replace the water in your tub, then follow Nitro's approach. Drought be damned - I bet Arnie drains his tub /pool! I wouldn't want to use a tub that is at 9 ppm but I guess that's up to you. 9 ppm would be too strong for my liking
  15. We have a 2009 Maxxus...same general comments as Fetzervalve, our little wrist jets provide a pretty good massage, but you have to be pretty close to them.
  16. I believe the local Arctic representative on here, James Kierstad, has posted that Arctic does not support the use of Peroxysan etc. and that they have advised their dealer network of such. Arctic will likely not warranty any issues which can be attributed to the use of these products, and you know your local dealer sure isn't going to honor it on his own. The local Arctic dealer here in Calgary tried to push me into Peroxysan too, which is one of the (many) reasons I immediately excluded Arctic from further consideration (amongst other reasons). There is obviously huge profit for the dealerships in this stuff. From what I've seen on here, this stuff is nothing but junk. If I were you, I'd contact Arctic directly, then go back to your dealer for a refund, and would change out your water and go with a "real" water treatment method. Good luck with your new tub!
  17. Hey Eric - I'm assuming you use a Magic Eraser when the tub is filled. If that is the case do you have any problems with soap entering the water? I use the same when cleaning the tub after draining and it works great, but so far I've been very reluctant to use it filled. Magic Erasers don't have soap in them, do they?
  18. I hear ya brother...I had similar issues with a new Jacuzzi from Jacuzzi Calgary. After about 6 weeks of BS and stall tactics, I was able to return the tub and got a new Sundance. The support I have received form the Sundance dealer here Calgary has been first-rate and the Maxxus is a much better tub than the J-480 (IMHO). If this is happening already, I can't help but wonder what you are in for down the road. Can you return the tub and go with a different brand / better dealer?
  19. My Sundance dealer suggested that I remove the sock that goes over the intake in the bottom of the filter compartment, and use that to scrub off the scum line. He says some customers have actually bought an extra sock just for this purpose. I tried it and it worked very well. The texture seems to be just right for quickly and easily removing the scum line.
  20. Dude, you have been drinking waaaay too much Arctic Kool-aid!! Do some searches in here and around the web and read some of the experiences other Arctic owners have had. I try to buy Canadian as much as I can too, for example, almost all of my son's goalie equipment is high-quality, Canadian made stuff. But - first and foremost, it has to be high-quality for me to even consider it. I would not buy a Canadian product simply because it was made here, if it was inferior to something else that happened to be made south of the border. If you buy a hot tub strictly because you think that the best tubs for our climates HAVE to be made here in Canada, you are sadly mistaken and may end up with an inferior, Canadian-made product. Other than the Arctic propaganda, what research have you done to make you so sure that products made in the States can't handle our harsher climate and it's requirements? Can you post a link to the Alberta Research Council test results? Seems to me that you have swallowed Arctic's sales pitch, hook - line - and sinker! Just out of curiosity, have they tried to push you into Peroxysan too?
  21. Maybe Silk Balance might work? All you wold need it that, plus whatever sanitizer you opt for. I haven't used it, but others on here have and seem to like it.
  22. Congrats...we have a Maxxus that we've had about 3 weeks or so, and absolutely love it. Sundance are great tubs...you won't regret it.
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