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  1. More information: I have been told by someone who I trust that there is a cell with 3 ports that fits in the same unions and plumbing as the old square one. It is much more expensive than the new ones and it requires the old threaded flow sensor. That sensor, if it needs replacement later, is $200 and is different from the new type of slotted sensors. Getting the entire new kit, cell, unions, sensor, DC cord, runs between $500 and $600. Getting the replacement that fits the old unions is $700 just for the cell, no unions, cords or sensors. But the replumbing is going to be a pain. One other idea to test: I have a lot of room upstream of the cell so I'm thinking I'll buy the old "blank" spool piece that fits where the old square cell goes and then plumb in the new cell upstream of this. Gives me two extra unions that serve no purpose but spaces out okay. Alternative would be to cut that spool piece and use the threads on the downstream side to fit in existing union, then attach new union to the other end, then the new cell. Question: does anyone know anything about the OD and ID of the spool/blank? If I cut it, will I have any trouble attaching the new union to this? If its just a piece of 2 inch PVC with threads, it shouldn't be a problem, right? Don't know who I hate more: Jandy for changing the threads and dimensions or my original pool builder for putting this cell in so close to the valve!
  2. The threads are not the same, but it can be done. I recently ran into the same problem were there was no room to replace the unions. Thread them on by hand as tight as you can. See if they leak, if they do tighten little by little with a pair of pliers until no leaks. It is not the correct fix I know, but it saves alot of cost in replumbing What happens when I have to take the cell off to clean it? Won't overworking these threads over time cause failure?
  3. I've been going round and round on this and figured I'd go to the experts here on the forum: I have an old aquapure...the square design, black unions that are part of the pipeing, not the cell. Its a 2-port cell. I'm getting error codes that say the cell is bad. In looking at replacements, I see that Jandy no longer makes a 2-port but has a 3-port. Also told that the new one is a little longer than the old one and minor replumbing will be needed. What I'm trying to find out is if the threads on the new one will fit the threads on the old unions. Due to the configuration, removing one of the unions will be a problem and will involve extensive replumbing and moving a 3-way automated valve. I'm looking at getting the R0475400. I've been told by different folks 2 different stories. On pool shop told me that Jandy told them the threads on the new cell will fit the black unions, as long as its one of the old square cells (which mine is!). I would just have to replumb the upstream side of the installation and install one of the new unions. Another shop said that Jandy told them that the threads aren't compatible. Anyone have any idea which one is correct? I'd hate to order this part and then not have the right thing. Thanks in advance for all of your help.
  4. No, I'm not getting a no flow error. Sorry for the confusion. I get the "General Fault" or something like that on my PDA and then when I open up the box, I get the two codes above. So everything above is still valid, but I'm not getting no flow. Wondering if I can still get a cell to replace my old square one. I've looked high and low and can't find one. Everyone tells me that the threads on the new one won't fit the union either.
  5. My aquapure 1400 is about 4-5 years old (pool built before I bought the house).
  6. Where is the union ring? Is it on the cell? Or is the ring on the plumbing? Ring is on the plumbing; threads on the cell. Thanks for your help.
  7. Ring is on the plumbing; threads on the cell. Thanks for your help.
  8. I'm having similar problems with my Aquapur 1400. I'm getting error codes 125 and 194. I'm confused by the troubleshooting manual, though. The explanation for 194 is "Cell Current is 85% lower than desired and cell voltage above 19V (generates 125 code -Cell dirty or needs replacement).". Does this mean that the low current can create a "false" code 125 or does it mean that either of these codes means the cell needs to be replaced? I have the old 2-port cell which means I'll be re-plumbing so I'm trying to avoid this at all costs. I've washed the cell, cleaned the sensor, etc. but keep getting the same error codes. Also, I have the black union fittings on my old cell. Will these work with the new cell? I hope so because whomever built my pool left me 3/8" from the end of the union to an automated 3-way valve. Won't be room to cut out the old piece and attach a new piece without removing the valve. I've heard the threads on the new 3-port design might not fit the old union nut.
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