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  1. Update. The cracks have been patched. I refilled last night and no leaking as of this morning. I took a soak last night to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I will feel more confident in the fix after about a week of no leaking, but so far so good!
  2. Patch is complete. I'll be doing a test fill tonight! One wild card is the heater. I had to remove it (and the section of pipe it is attached to) to get access to the repair spot. Well, I didn't pay that close attention to when I removed it, but it seems like its back right.
  3. Yep. Same here. I keep it at 102 degrees 24x7. You have to if you have a tub, in my opinion. It's a nice after-party late night thing, and I like having it, but the electric bill isn't good. I've been able to overlooked the electric bill but if i can't fix this leak, i'm returning it and will not replace.
  4. Sorry man. Going through a leak issue myself on mine. Really makes you wonder why you bought one in the first place!
  5. So in my infinite wisdom (or stupidity) I am attempting the repair myself. If this does not work, I am returning the costco (and taking apart part of my deck). I added two ~7" 2x4's between the PT wood frame at the bottom of the tub and the underside of the shell where the stress is present. I then sprayed a couple cans of wide gap foam spray into the area. I hit around where the added 2x4s touch the underside if the shell. Then I drilled small holes at the end of each crack for relief. Then, I got an acrylic tub and shower crack repair kit....mixed that stuff up, and applied it the cracks. Waiting for that the dry, sand, finish.....then refill.
  6. I called Costco today. They said I can bring to my local store or they will pick it up. Not sure how I can get it out of my deck though. I did get to examine the 2 cracks closely from above and blow. There look to be caused by the second step into the tub. That step has a small bit of inflection when you step in it. That stress appears to transfer to the 2 cracks just below the step. From underneath, I can see that the tub is not really supported at the spot, hence the inflection when you step on it. I cut a couple of short 2x4s and shimmed them in between the shell and the frame. That has helped some, but not sure if it will take all future stress off of it. My plan would be to seal the crack and if the stress is reduced or eliminated, it should last. Wondering if re-sealing the crack impacts the return at costco? If you saw how its built into my deck, you would try a couple of things to fix it too!
  7. Yes, thanks. I've been scouring the web for "how to articles". Seems like I have to patch the underside with a fiberglass patch and the tub side with an acrylic patch. Maybe I can use one on both sides.....still not sure.
  8. Ya, I hear you guys. But a built a deck around it and removing it would be a bear. The cracks are in a specific spot. Its more or less a 1 ft sq section of the tub that houses the volcano jet. It juts out on 2 sides, and seems to be an obvious area to sag. I can tell from underneath it doesn't look to be supported directly to the frame of the hot tub. My thought is to add a 1' pressured treated 2x4 to support that area, and then patch the cracks. I'm not sure what kind of acrylic patch I need, do I need to seal the underside as well, etc?
  9. Hey all, I have 2 cracks at the bottom of one seat in my hot tub. Each crack is about 3-4" long and it is causing a leak on the underside of the tub. I just looked underneath and it is dripping just below each crack. My hot tub is a costco keys backyard. I believe it is acrylic on the surface. The underside of the tub is colored yellow/brown-ish. Not sure if this is fiberglass? Seems like a one piece tub to me. Anyway....how should I repair this? Thanks,.
  10. i've been on since oct of 06 and you are bang on with that assessment above....
  11. congrats! you will love it. 80% against are haters....lots of happy costco tub people out there, they just don't hang around the boards because they are soaking, and have no financial stake to hang around this board...
  12. I have the same exact tub (aquasonic). I've had it up and running for 4 months now. It is great. No issues.
  13. Mendoza....if I gave you $1M, would you be happy??
  14. Someone tell me a dealer in atlanta that babysits you through fill to soak and thereafter....this may happen elsewhere but certainly not in the atlanta area. The dealers here are used car salesmen. They want to sell the tub, period, exclamation point.
  15. LOL.....that was funny...I know what you mean! hey mendoza and paint.....post a pic of you and your hot tub for all of us! LOL.....that was funny...I know what you mean! hey mendoza and paint.....post a pic of you and your hot tub for all of us!
  16. "cheap, you get what you pay for" doesn't equal naysaying? humm
  17. Puett, I can't speak to hydrospa, but i ordered by spa from costco.com. I paid 4k and I am happy. Be careful of the folks who reject these spas on this board.
  18. I hear you. I really like the LED in the water. It is simple, and flexible (color changing wise). I haven't seen the fiber optic lights in a spa, but I have seen it as an exterior deck lighting implementation. I think it is tacky, but I have not seen it in a tub. Try google, and do a search for images....might find a pic there....
  19. This board is not establishing the direction of the industry....it is a reflection of where the industry is going....i think thats the point NW is trying to make.
  20. I got a floating card table thing this xmas....came from http://www.rhtubs.com/store/directory.htm. Only really works on low jets, if that....
  21. this is an option in the spa you are talking about?
  22. Tne prefab thing works. You still need to dig out the ground a few inches, and lay some sand/gravel down. I put mine on pea gravel, and it is perfectly level.
  23. I got a costco tub and am very satisfied with it 2 months into ownership.
  24. ya....$100 extra doesn't seem right. the cover nice and tight? can you feel warmth through it?
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