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  1. The optima has been redesigned a few times since 1999, the 2009 models seating layout is very different from even the 2008 models.
  2. Premium Liesure is a newer entity that picked up the pieces of the defunk Hydro spas in late 2007. There website states 32 years experience but how long have they been actually in business operating under the same name?
  3. The spare motor is drawing almost double the amps from the original, it's over heating because the wiring in the control pack is not a heavy enough gauge to carry the higher amp draw. The amps on the motor indicate how much power it draws when running. The volts on both is the same which is fine. A replacement motors amp draw must be the same or less then the original, it can not draw more as the system and wiring will not have been designed for it. It's like installing a 500 watt light bulb in a lamp that was designed for a 250 watt bulb.
  4. Has the micro filter been changed recently? In some cases the FL1 error flashes when pump #2 is turned on if the micro filter needs to be replaced. Try running the jets with the filter removed, if no error code shows then a new filter will fix it.
  5. Sundance uses Proprietary controls so the standard off the shelve remotes from Gecko or Balboa will not work. The only way to have a Sundace 880 series spa with a remote control is to order it with the stereo. The remote will control the pumps, lights and stereo. Hope that helps. Sundance Dealer London Canada
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