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  1. if there are any check valves on the return lines specially swing checks the flaps can sometimes break off and only allow a small amount of water to pass through . its rare but ive seen it 2 times in my days of servicing pools . other than that a valve the wrong way ?
  2. your pressure going up when you turn the solar on is normal . your pushing the water up to the roof and through solar panels . as far as why such a low starting pressure if the pump sounds loud like its cavitating it could have a clogged impellor low pressure indicates a restriction does the pump basket have any cracks in it ? or it could be just a bad pressure gauge
  3. you can put an intelliflo on the filtration pump and save some money but the i would just replace the motor in the jet pump unless its an old brass pump . you only use it when you want jet action it doesnt filter or heat it just moves water . so even with an intelliflo you are going to be running it at high speeds . also title 20 doesnt apply to water features and i have a 3 year old used 2 hp whisperflow pump that would work great as your jet pump so if you ever head toward temecula on a weekend and are interested in it i will give you a good deal on it . also a 2 pump system is the smartest way to go . it allows you to run a low hp pump for filtration and a high hp pump that is not filtered for jets so jet action is never slowed by a dirty filter
  4. yah if you do not have a dedicated line for the cleaner with a vac lock then you connect it to the back hole of the skimmer using the regulator to adjust cuda and skimmer suction . also with suction cleaners the dirt does go to the filter
  5. yah renewed dont take this wrong but i think you should hire a qualified pool man to clean your filter and watch him do it and take notes if you really want to do it yourself . pool men have been killed by tank lids blowing off and hitting them so i cant recommend a homeowner try it without training
  6. yah im dealing with one of these now and facing a simuliar problem except it does not fire up at all and no glowing hot surface ignitor . the only thing i can think is maybe your flame sensor is causing your problem .im not an expert on these heaters but first i would go with flame sensor and then possibly hot surface ignitor . might want to see what the pool clown recommends first though . he seems to know these heaters
  7. thanks i appreciate the help !
  8. cycles threee times then auto gas shutoff blinks . i can hear gas valve click and smell a little gas each time but no burner ignition . i cant remember what the ohm reading on the ignitor is suppose to be i think it is between 50 and 55 but im not positive any one know ? also that glass window that looks like a peep hole for a front door is that a visual for the hot surface ignitor ? if so i seee no glow . also i havnt worked on very many of the lx or lt but plenty of lites so on the lt does the burner tray have to be pulled out to r & r hot surface ignitor ? thanks in advance for advice
  9. probably leaking fron the shaft seal or seal plate o-ring . find a reasonable pool guy to do it i would not recommend you do it your self . and if you let them know what you have ( hayward model ... ) and you think it might be the shaft seal and seal plate o-ring then it might save you money because they can pick up the seals and do the job in one visit . before yopu call the pool guy check and see if the seal plate bolts are not loose .
  10. also if you just cut that actuator wire instead of unplugging it you probably didnt check to see if the actuator was the problem . odds are it was but in the future you should plug in the other actuator ( whether it be suction or return ) that is working into the one that is not to see if it works . if it doesnt then your board could be bad .
  11. i would go with the pentair master temp . very efficient and small dimensions make it an easy fit . it is fan assisted so you will hear a fan when its running but its not that loud . seen to many rp2100 s that either start leaking out the limit switches , pressure switch, or winterizing plug . i admit i have had to change a few thermistor on mastertemps . ive had quite a few customers that have expressed how glad they are that they have the mastertemp now
  12. yah rats love these heaters because they dont get fried when they are fired up . the master temp is the same heater in a different body and seems to keep the big rats out a little better .im an animal lover but i would set traps or poison because they will keep coming back and chew up more wires and cause problems . other than rats liking them they are great heaters
  13. my opinion is cartridge filters suck . d.e. filters are the way to go but if you do switch the clean and clear seems to filter a little better than the system 3
  14. my opinion is the 60 sq ft fns plus with a push / pull back wash valve . way better filtration than any lousy sand filter . also since money is no object have your pool guy clean it every 6 months at least .my opinion is backwashing is a temporary solution to a dirty filter . grids will last longer with less back washing . also the fns plus will be cheaper than the quad . a hayward de filter would be fine also
  15. as to why skimmer and not split anti entrapment main drains might be cheaper and or possibly safer
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