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  1. What did they do to fix the problem? I see the exact same thing with my skimmer and I just assumed the extra weight from the cartridge was to blame. I have a 2009 Sundance Optima by the way.
  2. As stated I just got a brand new 2009 Sundance Optima and after filling it with well water and getting it up to temp I started to work on adding the starter chemicals. According to the sheet I was given, the very first step was to add 8oz of Metal X. I did that and ran the jets for 20 minutes. Next, I tested the water and the pH was somewhere well below 7.0 according to the taylor test kit. TA was also a bit low, close to 60. So I added chemicals to raise the TA and then to raise the pH but I think I over did it on the pH. After letting it sit for 20 minutes with the jets running the pH was now well over 8.0. TA looked to be somewhere around 80-90 at this point. CH is around 50 if I did the test right. That seems low considering the water analysis of our well had hardness at 160mg/l. So now I started adding dry acid to bring the pH back down. This is where I started to notice the nice rusty brown ring around the water line. I know from previous water testing of our well we have high magnesium levels 0.33mg/l and average iron levels 0.10mg/l. From what I've read it looks like having the pH get so high is what may have triggered this but can anybody confirm this? And what can I do to stop this from constantly happening? Would adding more Metal X solve it? Or just keeping the pH in the right range? The poor cover for the ozone output is already all brown before we've ever set foot in the tub! Thanks for any help.
  3. I called them too yesterday and they did say they blow out the lines but I always worry that they are just saying things to make me feel better. At least if it does have a problem I can point back to them and say you guys said it would be fine! Thanks for the advice everybody. It should arrive in the next hour or two.
  4. I am having a brand new 2009 Sundance Optima delivered tomorrow morning but I don't believe I'll be able to get an electrician out until the next day at the earliest. The projected temps overnight will be in the upper 20's. Should I be concerned about having the tub sit out without being full of water? According to the dealer, they do a fill test before delivery to check for leaks and I'm sure they don't get every last drop of water out of the pipes. I just don't want my brand new tub to break before I ever get a chance to sit in it once. Is there anything I should do once it has power and I've started to fill it? Should I put a few gallons of warm water in first to help melt any ice? Thanks.
  5. Hello, My wife and I have been looking at many different spas any we initially were thinking about the Sundance Optima or HS Vanguard but now I think they are both out of our price range. So now I'm thinking about the Sundance Chelsee but the problem is none of the Sundance dealers within 100 miles has anything but the top of the line models to wet test. How have people dealt with this in the past? Has anybody had luck getting a dealer to put water into a spa they don't usually do it on? Or is the expectation that what they have to test is all you get? One place I called tried to convince me that the Chelsee and Optima feel almost exactly the same and I should just use the Optima as a test of the Chelsee. Even I know they use completely different jets and control systems so I know he's talking out his rear but is that what I can expect from all the dealers?
  6. So can I ask what you paid for your Optima? And what area do you live in? Thanks!
  7. Hi there, Very new to the hot tub world and I've been reading posts here for the last few weeks trying to get opinions on different spas. I think we've narrowed our choice down to either Sundance or Hot Springs due to the proximity of those dealers along with the general good feeling we got from both places. We haven't wet tested anything yet, that is coming the next week or so. Anyways, I'm trying to get a comparison of the prices quoted to see if they are in line with this region of the country. The Sundance dealer quoted me $9800 for a 2009 Optima with ozone, cover, cover lifter, chemicals and delivery. No sound system at that price. This is a "sale" price because of the "Vacation at Home" sales event Sundance is running until July 12th. I don't remember the exact price but the Hot Springs dealer was somewhere around $9000 for the 2009 Vanguard. Not sure everything that was included but I know it did not include the sound system. I live in the Southern NH area and want to know if these prices seem high or is this around the best I'll be able to do here. Thanks, Mark p.s. Price is of course just 1 factor in which tub we will buy, the way it feels will be number 1 but price is very high on the list.
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