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  1. filters are good tub is full, it only showed it was in protection mode once, lcd is dead, no signs of life, yes lots of bubbles with circulation pump
  2. Hello, hopefully someone will know whats wrong with my hot tub. Hot spring model JJ Serial JJ3L2486 Lights on side of tub green solid, blue flashing, When i first plugged it up the lcd said "protection mode", only the circulation pump is running. Any thoughts on what might be wrong or what to start the troubleshooting process would be appreciated. Mack
  3. When you replace the gasket on your inground fiberglss steps, just before the liner eplacement, what type glue do you use to attach the new rubber gasket? thanks foir your help
  4. hello im getting ready to repaint the bottom of my mom and dads in ground pool, it was built in the mid 70's. It has epoxy on the bottom now. My question is where the stainless side panels meet the concrete bottom there is a big seam of caulk under the epoxy that needs to be cut away and replaced. Can anyone suggest a good caulk for this underwater chlorinated application? Whjatever caulk is put there will have epxoy paint over the top if it as well. Someone who use to install this type of pool in missouri told me hes used a product made by vulkem but i forgot the number? thanks for you suggestions mack
  5. Hello, i recently purchased the house i grew up in. I have drained our pool and will be sandblasting the concrete bottom to repaint. My question is this pool has stainless steel walls and they are dull. Is there something i can clean them with while its empty? thanks mack
  6. Scott It wouldnt do that the day i installed it! Never even came close...just bumps up against the wall and sits there spinning its wheels waiting for the backup to drag it back only to hit the wall again and repeat the same things.....on rare times it will hit the wall and divert along it but NEVER climb it. I did the thing where you count the turns of the wheels and put in the appropriate disc..so thats right, the tail goes back and forth but it has never climbed , the float is back or up makes no difference, i have changed the direction to every oclock there is..i leave it at 11 oclock but the results have always been the same...thought maybe i just got a bad one. Just bought a second one and it does the same....i hate polaris!!! Will be selling them both on ebay
  7. Hello, i use to install inground pools, i only installed polaris 380 units. The pool i built for myself is a small kideny shaped pool.The polaris spends the bulk of its time sitting against the wall wheels spinning until the back up valve drags it back. It does after about 12 hours clean the tinly pool. Im done with the polaris units!!!!! Is there one that actually moves all around the pool, climbs the walls and continues to move when it hits the walls? One that really does as it should...... What models and makes... thanks
  8. I know this seems like a dumb question but i bought a northstar 2 speed 1 1/2 hp pump from ebay, model SP4010X152NS I would have thought it would have a visible switch to change it from 1 to 1 1/2 hp......how do you change the speeds? Thanks
  9. Hello, back 10 years ago i was installing inground, steel wall and polymer wall liner pools. The first one i ever installed was my own, it was a small kidney shaped pool with a custom bottom. My problem was at the start they soil had been disturbed but i went ahead as that was where the pool needed to be. 2 of my wall panels seperated and dropped/settled, making the water level not follow the line of the liner, always bothered me but not enough to jackahmmer up the concrete and make the repairs. Well i have looked at it for 10 years now and found this year when i uncovered the pool the liner had finally pulled loose from below the the skimmer.......so nows the time for the repair. I brought home my jackhammer and backhoe, i removed the concrete and was going to try and dig up the wall panels and maybe just replace them with a swin inlounger assembly, but after looking at how much work that was going to be i removed the coping at the top and im looking for ideas for a filler material to build the wall panels up about an inch that they dropped. Remember they havent moved in 9 1/2 years. Im thinking maybe bondo?? Remeber the walls are a polymer, smooth on top about 4 inches wide. They havent moved in 9 1/2 years, if i could just build the walls a little taller and put the coping back on the water line would be correct when i put the new liner back in. Any ideas? Also i used poolkrete for the bottom and i have a few places to repair from my pressure washing the algae off that was behind the liner, any ideas on what to use to fill in small indentions on the bottom surface? Thanks if anyone needs a photo let me know.... Waiting for your opinions
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