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  1. I am having the exact same problem. Did you find out anything? What did you do to fix it. Does anyone else know the answer? Pool clown helped us an number of years ago......do you have any ideas.
  2. Hi, I am the one who originally posted this forum topic. We did find out it was the cell sensor and it was replaced. It was not the new type of Jandy so it was a little harder to find. Now I have replaced the whole unit from Jandy to Hayward since the cell went on my Jandy. With that being said, I have a 1 year old Jandy Aquapure sensor that I am willing to sell if someone needs one. I also have the Jandy main board that is working that I can sell to. So let me know if anyone needs these two items.
  3. local pool store. $199 cdn, everyone else wanted $269 cdn. Good luck with yours, just tell Pool Clown exactly what's wrong, he'll help you.
  4. Pool Clown, you were right. Cell sensor was replaced and now I have too much Chlorine in the pool. That I can fix and handle. Thanks
  5. Salinity is in check with the pool place. The temperature is 84 on our display and on our heater it shows 83 so it is not far off. There has never been any three number fault code. Our pool store is telling us to buy a new cell which is around $1200 (CDN). But now we are not sure if it's the sensor or the cell.
  6. What are the chances that it is the circuit board and not the flow/salinity sensor.
  7. Since we opened our pool this year we have had problems. Originally the Flow would lite up but them switch to no flow. Now, No Flow seems to stay all 99% of the time. The Flow will occasionally light up but them switch back to No Flow. Now, the cell reversing light stays on for long periods of time. There is no chlorine produced when it says no flow. We have cleaned the sensors with green scrub pad from kitchen. We have cleaned the Cell with Cell cleaner. We have used Filterbrite and backwashed etc. We have checked our sand in our filter and it seems pretty clean. We don't know ou
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