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  1. Metal Chelation Question

    Thanks for the feedback, If I come up with the product name I will post it
  2. Metal Chelation Question

    Chem Geek, I may have been reading the marketing literature too much, but I understood that the sequestered metals formed crystals that are caught by the filter so you could remove them permanently. This was a spa metal out product, but I would assume it was the same concept. Ever heard of this?
  3. How To Tell Where The Leak Is

    Good news, once pool was drained below the light well the water level stabilized. Builder came out and built up epoxy/putty in area where light cord exits pool. Note to others that may try this, this he left the light out until expoxy cured so moving it around did not disturb the seal. He is refilling the pool today so I will keep my fingers crossed that the leak is really fixed. As a side note, now my 4 yr old is used to having a pool depth of 1 to 3 feet (she loved it!). I guess it is always something
  4. How To Tell Where The Leak Is

    Pool Builder made a visit again today. Drained pool to just below the pool light. Say goodbye to 6000 gallons we just had trucked in 4 weeks ago. Suspects it is still leaking out through the electrical conduit for the light. Measured water level and will see tomorrow morning if it is still going down. If not Yahoo we may have found it. If still losing water he will pump the remaining water out, check the plugs in the two main floor drain and pressure test the lines for these drains. Crossing our fingers. Swimming for the 4th of July looks unlikely, Bummer.
  5. I have a AquaPure 1400 SWG. Reading the manual it says the internal plates contain titanium. Any issue with the metal removal products damaging the SWG by eating the titanium?
  6. How To Tell Where The Leak Is

    ITechTeam, Well, the diver made his visit. Replaced the relief valve with a solid plug and puttied around the light conduit. We have two main drains in the bottom, one with the relief valve and one that should simply have a solid plug. When opening the second drain he found that there was no plug at all, and it was basically filled with gunite from the original build. Diver cleaned out enough to get the plug in and we called it a day. I filled the pool back up and found that once again it was losing about 1” per day. My guess is that he didn’t effectively clean the gunite out and seat the plug. Bottom line we now have to drain it and take a closer look. This will also let the builder pressure test the main drains. Keeping my fingers crossed it is the plug and we aren’t going to do any excavating in our brand new patio! Let you know what happened on your end. I will let you know how mine comes out
  7. How To Tell Where The Leak Is

    I had a pool installed late last fall just before closing for the winter. Since I opened it this year I have been leaking also; driving me crazy. Mine is a 12K Gal pool leaking 1/4" - 1/2" per day (with solar cover on - no evaporation). Builder pressure tested lines and found no leaks. GeeMan's post summarized my builder's assessment to the letter. He is sending diver out this week to check the static relief valve in the main drain as well as sealing the conduit at the light. I will let you know if they come up with any other interesting ideas.