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  1. Inground Pool Light Niches

    Thanks for the reply PC. I have had lights out of both pools and the niches look the same from what I can tell. I'm trying to get away from the Sta-Rite lights because the ones I have are notorious for leaking and it's a real pain to get the clamp and gasket just right when reassembling them. I have a Hayward light in the spa and they are a breeze to take apart and change the bulb in. I prefer to replace the pool lights with Hayward or Pentair. Just need to know if I can make them fit before I spend thousands of the clubs money on lights. Thanks, Alan
  2. I have two in ground pools that I need to replace the old pool lights. One pool was built 5 years ago and one about 12 years ago. Both pools have 12 volt, 300 watt lights. The newer pool has Sta-Rite Sunglow lights and the older pool the lights are so tarnished that I can't tell who makes them. I would like to replace all the lights in both pools (16 total) with either Hayward or Pentair fixtures My question is, are the niches mostly universal? My pool supplier tells me that if I have Sunglow lights, I have to replace them with Sunglow. Or if I have Hayward, I have to replace them with Hayward because each niche is specific to each brand of light. The niches in both pools look the same to me. They measure about 10 inches deep and about 8 inches across. The have a notch in the bottom to accept the metal tab on the bottom of the light and a place for a screw in the top to secure it. Is my pool supplier right? And if not, who makes the better fixture? Hayward or Pentair? Thank you in advance, Alan