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  1. Is it a new hot tub or new to you? If it's older it might need the pipes inside cleaned out. Purge the tub to get the build up out. Good luck!
  2. FYI -I just installed the new style flow sensor. It doesn't need the calibration board. My black epoxy sensor failed after getting a bubble type crack in the epoxy that let water into it. That caused a 170 code right away.
  3. Do the new type R0452500 Jandy Flow Sensors still need the little calibration circuit board like the ones before? Or does the new one have it built in the box on the cord?
  4. Picked up the new cover and it fits perfect. No snow here in San Diego. We do have a West Marine...so I can get some 303 Protectant.
  5. I ordered the cover from the store where I bought it. They had a form to fill out all the measurements (which I did). They seemed to only really need the model of spa and what color I wanted.
  6. I just re-stained the cedar wood sides and getting a new cover soon. Good info. THANKS!
  7. Thanks for the reply. I went with Olympic Maximum Stain and Sealant. It's semi-transparent in a color called Sierra. Looks awesome!
  8. I would try calling Jandy first. Be ready to be on hold a long time!!! The flow sensor most likely is failing. They know about the problem with them. The new flow sensor (Tri-Sensor) comes with a Tri-Sensor Adapter that plugs into the front board, then the sensor cable plugs into that. The adapter board has a calibration button on it. After you install it, let it run for at least 4 minutes and then hold the little calibration button for 5 seconds until the flow light lights up.
  9. I'm getting ready to stain the cedar wood around my spa. I pressure washed it and got it ready for staining. Anybody know a good brand that works good?
  10. I think when the temp is below 50 it will only produce chlorine in boost mode. Make sure your water IS the same temp as the sensor is reading. The sensor might be acting up.
  11. Maybe they should make you Moderators. You have my vote!
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