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  1. keep looking. I would look at spas that are around the three to five thousand mark to see what you will get. I think you will be surprised at the similarities and also the huge cost desparity vs value in what you will see. I would check out a few box stores as well just to get a Idea of what a baseline non commisioned spa will go for and the features it offers. Take your time and look at lots of brands.
  2. The Cosctco spa is same as the Clearwater spa in the thermo pane system
  3. Frost stain with a hint of grey in it would worok great and topcoated with a teak oil clear sealer on top
  4. wow! what a horror story. I would be upset to say the least. Can you return the spa on the basis it is not the spa you made the del n as the serial numbers dont match. I bet if it was financed the contract woud be null and void as they loaned money on a different spa. I would lean on getting the deal reversed and get a new spa or cash back as their attitude sucks and they dont deserve your sale.
  5. I am not sure why your bill is running that high. My highest bil on my P.E.II has been 45 dollars and that's keeping it up to temp and I have no clue as to what filter cycle it is set at. I did run a " foam rope" ? around the top of the spa to seal the gap between the spa lip and synthetic siding, I did leave the equipment bay door area open for fesh air for pumps however. I do plan on installing thermal foil panels that are a bit thicker then the half inch styrofoam panels it came with just for fun.
  6. I thought costco agreed to crane it out of your yard at no cost and replace it with a spa of you choice that they had in store or online?
  7. they are very much built like the Costco P.E.II both spas useing the same controlls, pumps, jets ect. I agree with you in that clearwater is a good quality spa.
  8. I have yet to see my P.E.II cost more then 45 dollars and it stays at the normal setting with the circ pump on twenty four hours. I belive that the circ pump needs to run in order to keep the spa to temp without running the jet pumps 1,2 and 3. my worst bill was last momnth but that also had record cold weather in that month. I wonder if your jet pumps are set to go on more then the minimum setting. I think you can adjust the filter set times. I m not at home but believe it is to push the twmp down arrow then the mode button to desired setting? I'll check when I get home. Also note my neighbor has a hotsprings preodigy which ran 38 dollars according to him vs my 45 dollars..... Hopefully you ill find whats wrong.
  9. What is funny is even the core group of people don't know what sets there better spa apart! Roger admits he has never worked on a Elite Spa so his opinion is just that, a opinion. Most of the core group are either salesman, dealers, repairman rather then just a everyday user. The core people are asked to explain why the Platinim Elite is a "value" spa or what parts are less quality the answer is always the same..They don't know.
  10. most spadealers will deliver it for around $300.00 and set it for you. if they wont, they know a person that will.
  11. My wife and I seriously considerd the Clearwater spas as we felt they had great features for the price. If you look at the Platinum Elite spas you will find the same controlls, pumps and spa pac as clearwater as well as the same type of insulation. I had planned on buying the 8100 series which is a seven foot tub had I not seen the Costco spa. I think you will enjoy the jets and trouble free no frills but quality build that Clearwater offers.
  12. I understand but remember that the P.E. I cost $3500 and the P.E.II cost only $3999.00. If they only last half of what a "great spa" cost then you recieved the same value of the more expensive spa. So once the P.E. I last seven years, then it will meet your test of value. Anything beyond seven years is a great value then.
  13. the platinum series spa has been out a few years already, this is the third series the Legend and so far has three years of a great track record. In my opinion thats plenty of time to make a opinion on value and longevity.
  14. Another option the We did wa to use 5/8 minus crushed rock with fines(sand) after we removed sod and leveled area. After the roch was leveled and compacted, we then used 16x16 pavers and that was about $250.00 versus $400.00 for a plastic pad. Either way, you need to get a solid, level area for your pad.
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