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  1. D.e. Filter Pressure ?

    I am using a test strip for chlorine, ph and alkaline. Filter has been keeping pool pretty clean - how many times do I need to backwash to get all DE out? Been doing it 5 x's each until water runs clear. Any way to know if I get enough DE out so I can fill with 1.5lbs fresh? I've never opened up a filter before and not sure if I can clean it and get it back together as it was. Only about another month before I close the pool up here in the Northeast.
  2. I installed a Trevi 27' round about a month ago and have been using a Lomart Ultima 5000 D.E. Filter that was given to me w/1.5 HP pump. Over the last few weeks, I have been backwashing the pool once a week and adding 1.5lbs of D.E. (filter has label saying that's the required amount) each time I b'wash. Just had to backwash again this weekend, and now water pressure coming out of return seems to be low. Pressure on the gauge is above 5, but earlier this summer I was getting pressure anywhere from 10- 20 (25 is max for this filter). Pressure gauge may need to be replaced because it filled up with water recently. I can't seem to find any info about this filter except part lists. Do I need to clean this out? If so how do I do it? I'm a pool newbie!! Only chemicals I used so far is 2 bags of shock + 3 - 4 chlorine tabs per week and arm and hammer baking soda every 2 weeks (12lbs). Pool water looks clean, but cloudy. Today there was some algea on bottom of pool which I cleaned up with brush. Any help with this would be great!
  3. Looking to install a 27' round Trevi pool that I just bought online. My yard has A LOT of trees and I just cleared a few to put up pool and get some sunlight. I now have 4 medium to large stumps in the diameter of where my pools will go. Tree guy told me to get the stumps pulled and not grinded. I was also told by someone else quoting a pool installation, that I can grind the stumps 18" deep and level ground with enough sand that the stump area won't effect my liner? Any reccomendations? I want to do this economically, but don't want to cheap out and in a few years have to replace my liner. Won't too much sand, built up, throw the level of my pool off? Suggestion was to build a box around the pool with 4 x 4's to keep sand build up from shifting.
  4. Newbie to this site and AGP's. I had an Intex 18'x52" easy set for the last 3 years...now it's time to go more permanent. I've been researching what pool to buy and found some great reviews on Aqua Leader Illusion pool w/resin top and bottom rails. But, I heard that Aqua Leader liners are custom because of their unique pool sizes? Should I go beaded or overlap liner? Would 48" pool be enough or 52" way to go? I read in some earlier posts that Aqua Leader's are very good. Any other recommendations?