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  1. We narrowed our search down to a sundance and a maax. Wet testing made our decision. We went with the maax. Been soaking for 2 months and are extremely happy. Most important...buy from a good local dealer.
  2. I would stay away from thermospa. The tubs are overpriced and service is a nightmare. After much research and great input from this forum, we went with a maax. We are extremely happy. My husband and I soak every night and sometimes in the morning. It performs like a dream and the water chemistry has been a cinch!We also looked at a sundance and wet tested both. The maax simply was more comfortable for us. Most important is service. Deal locally if at all possible and get feedback on your dealers. Check BBB. Good luck and enjoy!
  3. Thank you Don, Tony and rentit...actually you were all right. We added our weekly chlorine on Friday and the problem was gone on Saturday. We are going to increase the frequency that we add the chlorine and continue to do the weekly shock. Gotta tell you...I love this forum!!! Where else can you get such a such a service for free...accurate, informative, friendly and fast. Thanks so much!!
  4. What sanitizer are you using? If you're using biguanide (e.g., BaquaSpa, SoftSwim) this a fairly normal phenomenom and nothing to be concerned about. BaquaSpa sanitizer (and probably the other biguanide spa and pool sanitizers) seem to contain a little surfactant (i.e., detergent or related compound) that tends to make things feel a little slippery. The surfactant is there to help minimize the buildup of scummy biguanide deposits at the waterline. It also accounts for the tendency of BaquaSpa-treated spas to turn milky white when the pumps are on high with air injection. This is due to millions of micro-bubbles produced by the injected air and facilitated by the surfactant. A lot of people really like the silky feel of biguanide-treated spa water. I used BaquaSpafor a couple of years but finally switched to chlorine. Don We use Nature 2, add chlorine once a week and shock weekly on a different day (per the dealers instructions). With this sanitizer, do you think we have nothing to be concerned with?
  5. The last couple of nights when we have gotten in our tub the seats have felt slimey to the touch. The water appears to be in balance. PH is a little higher than it has been but still in normal range. I did use one of those fragrance pouches, but it was made for hot tubs and stated that it would not effect the balance. What do you think it could be and how can we fix it??
  6. Standard vs economy vs sleep....I am assuming that there are electricity savings pending the mode we put our new spa in. If our intentions are to use early morning and and again late evening daily, which mode would we be better off using? Is there a significant savings to this? Thank you
  7. Thanks to all of you who replied. This forum has been a great informational tool since we started this process. Great to have a place to go and talk to real owners! Hot tub being delivered today. I will continue to check in and possibly offer some help of my own as I become more experienced. Thanks again!
  8. After a couple months of research, dry/wet testing and seeking the advice of this forum, we took the plunge and ordered a Maax 471. We are really excited and should be receiving next week. So, right when we thought the hard part was behind us, the salesman whips out a Spa Chemical starter form...as my teenager would say...OMG! Four choices! So I am counting on you all to help me out again. The choices are: 1) BaquaSpa Kit 2) Bromine Kit 3) Brilliance Kit 4) Nature II Kit The salesman recommended #4 although he uses #2. I am clueless. Please help me out one more time. Thanks, Sandy
  9. Okay everyone, help me out! Been looking at the Maax 471 and really love the tub. However, the dealer has it priced as a premium deluxe $7669 when it really breaks down to a plain deluxe. Doesn't want to work with me...actually doesn't seem that interested in making a sale. Went to the Sundance dealer. Looking at a Hamilton. Comes with all the basics + a set of steps and an ozonator. $7119 Both feel pretty good although the Maax lounger has a better foot massage area and 19 extra jets. Are these 2 tubs comparable in quality? What would you do? Thanks!
  10. Stainless steel jets seem to have less warrenty than plastic. Yet they cost more. They look nice, but is that the only advantage? If you have a choice which way do you go? Is is better to have a blower on your hot tub or not? Again what are the advantages and disadvantages? Thank you
  11. If it is the top of the line 471 with a air blower, all the extra light package, and stainless jets it is a fair price. If it does not have any of the above features then it is high. Does it also come with a GFCI breaker kit? Covers are included with the spa. Maax makes a great tub, great insulation, quiet running, great non prorated warranty. It is top of the line. Does not come with the breaker kit. Got a price from an electrician (including the kit) $600. Thanks for the additional info. By the time you finish the homework on buying a spa you definitely need one to relieve the stress!
  12. My husband and I have been researching hot tubs. We are looking at a Maax Spa 471, 2008 model. We live in Maryland and prefer to shop a local dealer. The sale price is $7669. Seems a little high in comparison to others. Can someone give me an idea if this is a fair price and a decent tub? Includes cover, lift and delivery. Thanks!
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