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  1. Interesting thread. Just got my 2008 Caldera Martinique installed this week. With some DIY deck remodeling and electric mods, it went where an octagonal Jacuzzi with a pump house was. Still need to trim the perimeter. PHOTOS
  2. Just had a Caldera Martinique installed in my deck this week. 700 pounds. Two guys lowered it from vertical on a dolly beside the hole and slid it. With one holding the bottom in the hole, they slid it over the hole with the up side barely on the deck edge. The guy in the hole lowered it to ground then the two walked it over the edge and lowered it. There was enough space for one guy to help walk it from below. All muscle, no apparatus. They removed the equipment panel so the guy above had the rim rib to hold on to: More Photos .. ..
  3. My movers removed my 700# tub's equipment side panel and screwed a pneumatic tired dolly to a tub rib then slid the two together down from the trailer to the ground. Yes, that way the heavy side's on the bottom. Good luck. More photos
  4. Don't know about the Hot Spring, but the prices for the two Calderas look good, at least compared to the prices marked on the 2009 Utopia Series spas at a store near Seattle. Seems like they were over $10,000. I didn't try to negotiate their prices. I bought a 2008 Caldera Martinique, which is one step down in class, for $6500, with the same extras you list plus the GFCI box. He was firm at that price, wouldn't drop it.
  5. Yes, thanks! That's where I've been getting the prices quoted above. I just bought an '08 Martinique from Phil there at Rich's. Good guy, and I think I'll get good service if the need arises. Delivery next week.
  6. Andy - I assume you've checked prices at Rich's in Lynnwood. They have good prices on '07 and '08 Calderas.
  7. I skipped the stereo too. At a volume to hear one with pumps on, I don't think my neighbors would appreciate it. The one with the sub woofer was the only one that sounded decent and I'm sure the neighbors wouldn't appreciate the bass.
  8. I have a similar condition. I'm also getting a Caldera GFCI box. I have an existing 220V circuit without a neutral to where I removed my old spa. I plan to connect the 220V circuit to the GFCI box which I'll attach to a wall on the outside of the house near an outdoor light. Can I tap into the neutral wire at the light and run a wire to the neutral terminal in the GFCI? Thanks.
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