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  1. hey guys, i have a 20,000 gallon pool with a 72gph flow rate hayward de filter. i haven't really run the filter all winter so my pool is really green. I cleaned all the leaves off the bottom and have sucked all the crap off the bottom. I used shock packs with 70%free chlorine about 4 at a time and it just barely made a difference in the color of the water. My filter keeps clogging up with it running, DE is getting expensive and it's getting really bothersome to have to keep backwashing and adding de every 30mins. I just bought 16- 128oz dollar general 6% bleach bottles and emptied them
  2. I just bought five new grids and it works perfectly, the pool is really clean now. i'll post up pics when it's sunny thanks for all the help
  3. These are the pictures of my pump and filter. I opened the filter up obviously haha, and found the filter was full of cakey sand material. I took off the "grids?" and hosed them off, i also cleaned out the inside of the tank. I refilled the tank with water and noticed that i did have about 3 of the grids had tears on the bottom of them. What kind of problems would that cause if i left them like that? Now I'm having a really hard time getting it to prime up now. Any more suggestions since i got pics up?
  4. this is the first time i've cleaned the pool. the water is crystal clear and ph/chlorine balanced. I may have a "ripped grid" but I honestly do not know how to figure that out. there is a way to open up the filter but I don't know if it's something i do, if i'll screw anything up. The previous owners have someone come out and stabilze the chlorine but they do nothing else. Reattaching the blown off grid bundle is something pretty simple? just opening up the tank and popping it back on is an option?
  5. Hey guys, Just bought this home and it came with an inground pool with a de filter. When I try to use the bottom filter that i attach with a pole and hose to the skimmer it starts to clean the pool but after a few mins dirty water starts shooting into the pool through the jets. Is there something i am doing wrong? I have the multi valve set on filter. The pump filter is clean but still seems to shoot the dirty stuff i'm sucking up back into the pool. it's an aries vertical grid DE filter and a hayward super II pump
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