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  1. Went with the Sundance Aspen. Platinum with Mahogany exterior. Plus stereo
  2. SO after I told my Hot Springs dealer we were going with a different brand, they miraculously had a special deal become available. A new Grandee NXT Cover, sub assy panel, delivery and install, start up kit, steps, F Type cover cradle, SpAudio Music System all for $15500 I can get a med prescript for former back issues and save taxes to get it back to $14500. Doesn't sound like a bad deal to me. I still really like the Sundance Aspen; BF dealer not very responsive so I think I am ruling them out because of that.
  3. So here is a run down on pricing. Sundance Aspen or Maxxus $15350 Includes Stereo Cover Valet Lifter (piston assist) Cover Delivery and installation Steps Chemical Lit Electrical Hookup A small credit for my current spa and Haul away of current spa Bullfrog A8 ($13265) Elite Audio Ozone Generator Steps Quietspring Circ Pump Cover Basic Cover Lifter The dealer will not give credit nor remove the current spa. So that becomes a PIA The insurance covers the full price of the BF nd I have to come out of pocket slightly for the Sundance. The Sundance MAxxue and/or Aspen are quite a bit larger than the BF. All comments welcomed.
  4. So, we had a wind storm that destroyed out HT enough for the insurance company to allow us to get a new one. We had a Hot Springs Vanguard. Good Spa, five years old. New replacement cost $14700. So we have that amount to play with for a new toy. Was going to look at Marquis, but the local dealer has none to wet test, NIX. Wet tested a Caldera Cantabria. Was ok, nothing to write home about. Tested Bullfrog A7. Really like the concept of changing packs. Only problem is the dealer has only sold BF spas since Nov 2013. He has been in biz as a commercial pool guy for 6 years. They have sold about 10 in 10 months of business. I believe this is the second BF dealer in the Houston Area. Houston is not a huge HT town because most people have what they think is a spa in their swimming pool but I won't ramble...... The A8 falls well within the insurance payout budget. Concerns are the purification system (ozonator), filtration is not 24 hr continuous, and will the parts within a jet pack wear out if they have moving parts. The plastic of the jet packs seems a little frail but I may be way off base. We really did like the jets that we tried and love to be able to customize. Our Sundance dealer only had an Altamar and a lesser series set up that we didn't try. Liked the Altamar but much smaller than we wanted. Liked all aspects of the spa. Jets were not as good as the BF IMHO. Do like the waterfalls and rambling brook feature that the waterfall can be converted to, and I like the sanitation system plus UV. Sundance seems a great brand also and the dealer is willing to take my damaged but working spa off my hands and give me a few bucks for it. The Optima fell in the $12,500 range with piston lifter, steps, delivery, chemical kit, electrical hookup and stereo. Or we could get the Aspen or Maxxus for about $500 above(out of pocket) what the insurance will allow. We have space for a tub that size. Dealer has been in biz in Houston area a long time 20 plus years. So torn between Maxxus, Aspen, Optima and BullFrog A8 Thank all in advance,
  5. Hi we had a wind storm recently and a large oak fell on the tub definitely damaging the shell but not to a point that it is leaking water. The spa is about 4 years old. I am thinking once the shell is shot there is no repairing it and its time for a new one. Any thought s on if it can even begin to be repaired or will it have to be replaced? I have a photo that I can post but cant figure out how on this forum. bohai
  6. The Grandee from the local Houston HS dealer was $11600, so considerably more than the Optima.
  7. That sounds like a great deal because the local HS dealer quoted me $9000 for the Vanguard, $2300 for the steroe (make sure it is the one HS recommends and is the marine grade stereo) $199 for the covfer lifter and approx $2000 for the stone surround. Bringing total to over $13000, so I would say $10k is a superb price.
  8. There is only one D1 dealer here, and I am not real happy with his setup. Seems pretty cheesy. He does have an 09 Chairman for 10k. Had a D1 Nautilus at old house, had quite a few repair issues with the circuitry board. Went out twice in 3 years. According to the california energy commision, the D1 is rated very low in terms of R value which reads to less energy efficiency, but I still may take a look.
  9. So we have narrowed down to the above two spas. Optima is $10,100 and includes cover, chems, delivery and steps. Vanguard is ($8500) 08 model but includes GFCI, cover, delivery. Both charge approx $200 for lifter. We really liked the motomassager in the HS. Actually felt like somone was kneading your back. The only thing we did not like was the fact that the jets at teh calf level were not adjustable and were fairly strong (irritatingly so) but you can also adjust your legs to get away from it. We really liked both dealers, with time spent with us about equal. We didn't really wet test the Optima bit we tested a smaller version of it, albeit an 08. Right now nod goes to HS. Any comments out there.? Oh one thing the Sundance guys services his spas ditrectly whereas the HS uses a service, SpaInspector I think.
  10. Was given the following prices by local HS dealer 08 Vanguard $8495 09 Vanguard $8995 09 Envoy $995 09 Grandee $11995 Free delivery, chems and cover. Spa lifter $275, stereo $2300. Marine gradde stereo but still to expensive. How do these prices look? We are going back to wet test today the aove and some Sundance models
  11. We built a new home and saved approximately $42,000 over prices we were quoted from the builders suppliers. Probably saved $25k over what an internet purcahse would have been, biggest savings were Pella windows at $13,000, so yes it was worth it to us, but it is not for everyone and I beleive the only wasy to save lots of cash is if you are building or MAJOR remodeling.
  12. I have an opprotunity to purchase the enitere line of these companies thru Direct Buy at really good prices. HOWEVER, I cannot find any info other than the cpompanies website on these vendors, which doesn't give me the warm and fuzzies. Any comments about these companies? Tim in Houston
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