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  1. I am not sure, i think the infinity edge on each system will need its own pump. Is your pool very similar ? I have a elevated spa that has a vanishing edge that looks like its flowing into the pool. I have a surge tank on both systems since I have a perimeter gutter on the pool and the vanishing edge on the spa I also separated them because I wanted to keep the spa temp higher. I am running two filter pumps and one jet pump.
  2. Are you going to have the spa and pool on separate systems. I have a similar set up but I am not quite finished with the spa I need to pour the bench.
  3. Not sure if its right but I use dish soap and has always worked well.
  4. I'm not sure its needed because of the switch. If you have a perimeter gutter on the pool a surge tank will allow for the water displaced from the swimmers to collect. Usually there is a float valve on the main drain so that the tank will stay low and when the gutter water comes in and raises the float valve (closing down the md) then the filter pump will take more of the displaced water from the gutter and filter it.
  5. Thanks for the info. I have experimented some but not very scientific and didn't take enough notes but plan to do more this summer. I have had the same luck with Palintest the tech support guy told me they add a chlorine neutralizer but Taylor and Lamotte do not. When I do a comparison the Taylor always seems to read lower but I am using a Palintest photometer when I compare to a Lamotte photometer it seems to read low like the Taylor comparator. These comparisons have been at fcl levels of 3ppm or less.
  6. I would like to see the info on the Taylor phenol red with the special blend. Will you tell me where I can find it? It would help me greatly. thanks
  7. You should consider a Palintest kit. It has tablets witch have a longer shelf life and pre-measured reagent instead of counting drops. Also the pH reagent removes the chlorine from the sample which gives you a true reading.
  8. That will ensure that you are using the minimum pipe size needed to handle the maximum flow rate, but why don't you use an even larger pipe size to gain energy efficiency so you can use a lower HP pump or a lower speed with a variable speed pump? If you run the calculation you will find the (minimum pipe size) larger and the efficiency more than you think.
  9. Sounds like you could be backwashing too much flow or a top distributor problem.
  10. I always size pipe for velocity or feet per second (fps). I use max 5fps for suction and max 10fps for pressure side.
  11. It looks to me your cya is way too high. Your phosphate level is probably high too if you get rid of the phosphate algae is said not to be able to grow.
  12. You can use bleach, lithium hypo, or cal hypo. Probably won't be able to use that feeder though.
  13. You could increase your flow rate and potentially improve water quality.
  14. You need a gold tipped orp sensor in salt water.
  15. I've been a commercial pool tech for 17 years but not sure of any forums.
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