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  1. Where can we find some real instructions on how to do this? "Jumpering pin 10" seems a little vague to me.
  2. The experts dye the water and then look for that color in the foam...
  3. I have a HS Vanguard. I'm just wandering if it is a smart idea to install some sort of surge protector on the power line(s) going to the spa? If so, what kind are people using?
  4. Yes, for some reason I was a bit surprised by this post. It is 105 here right now and the tub is set on 100. I've never thought that was an issue; for heat therapy you need it to be hot...all this business of leaving the cover off during certain times and measuring the temperature is lost on me. I'll be staying tuned to see what I can learn. Thanks for the thread.
  5. The "no fault" aspect of the heater doesn't mean that it never fails. It means that you are covered under the warranty regardless of the reason the heater fails. (e.g. even if you did not maintain proper water chemistry.)
  6. The bundled Romex standard itself even calls for different wire sizes in a given Romex size... Follow the instructions for wire size in your Spa manual.
  7. Do the stuff you mention and you will be in great shape!
  8. LOL, I think he meant shimming which is what people prefer because its easier. The framed in pea gravel is the better way to go but is a bit more involved though its really just a Saturday morning job. oh! He meant the shimming...you DON'T want to do that.
  9. Seriously, Maintain your chlorine level at all times.
  10. Maintain your chlorine level at all times.
  11. thanks for all the advice...no one seems to know what i'm talking about when we to home depot. so, we just drop the idea of shimming. we'll leave the hot tub for now the way it is... They didn't know what 2 x 4's and pea gravel was?!?
  12. Hi, Randy, I respect your choice of the Vanguard, but it's incorrect to say that the Moto Massage won't run in the Envoy lounger and the other main reclining seat at the same time. I have the Envoy, and the Moto Massage jet runs continuously -- irrespective of what other jets are running. So you can definitely use the recliner simultaneously with the lounger in the Envoy. It's true that some of the other jets don't run at the same time (foot jets, e.g.), but the Moto Massage always runs. You can't get the FULL benefit of both seats simultaneously -- neck jets in the lounger at the same time as foot jets in the recliner, for example -- but the main jets in both seats can certainly run at the same time. Raeven Sorry, I may be wrong, but I just remember when wet testing, as I was in the lounger enjoying the moto massage, my son moved over to the recliner seat, when he turned the diverter on to turn on that seat, my moto massage turned off. But I just looked up this up in my 08 Owner's manual, and it does not show it that way at all, so maybe they have changed it since then. We both remember it being that way on the tub we tested though....hmmm . Sorry if I misinformed anyone. My point was, to make sure when wet testing to try every seat and every combination he can, do make sure he is able to use the seats as he would like. No offense intended. Randy Randy, I had the exact same experience as you when wet testing the Vista. Dealer had no solution to offer.
  13. A few questions: Is this for a 2008 or 2009? They did make a few nice changes to the 09, nothing major, but a bit more user friendly. Next, is this $8800 out the door with tax? Finally, what is included with the price? Lifter, stairs, store $$$, etc..... Thanks, Randy $8800 doesn't include Tax, but it does include a cover, the power shut off box, and i think a cover lifter. It's a 2009, but it's the old 2009 with the old display on the side of the spa, not the new units with an LCD display on the top of the Spa. Check your PM messages.... Thanks, Randy Wow, I was following this thread hoping to get some information, and then all of a sudden, the conversation went offline...
  14. The water is on the bottom (spa water side) of the cover. After it rains I go out and open 1 side of the cover and see water streaming out of the 3 grommeted holes. It takes about 2-3 minutes for the streams of water to stop. The spa is used at least once per day, everyday. The hail storm was over a month ago. It has rained about 3 times since then.
  15. This is a good idea of course, but he expects me to buy a new cover from him, which I would, but I'm not impressed with the cover quality from Hot Spring and would rather buy an aftermarket cover since I have to replace it anyway.
  16. I've recently had hail damage to my property; needed new roof, windows, etc... When he got to the spa, he said that since the vinyl is not ripped or torn he needs a letter from someone in the spa industry stating the cover needs replacement and then he will replace it. Does anyone know where I could get a letter like this? The spa cover is only about 3 months old on a new Vanguard spa. The cover has over a hundred "dents" in the foam that can be felt with your fingers. Also, now when it rains, the cover fills with water, which I don't understand because I see NO holes in the vinyl. Thank you.
  17. What?? I'm trying to decipher the same thing...
  18. david1pro, that is very interesting about the spinning jets not spinning and the jets not bubbling. Has yours been that way from day one? My HS has never had those issues. The spinning jets always spins (even at lowest pressure) and there are multitudes of bubbling at all jets.
  19. I've read a lot of the posts on the forum and have gathered several differing opinions on this. But, I've not found a post "dedicated" to this topic. For the experts on here, what is the best amount of time to leave the cover off after: 1) adding a "daily" amount of chlorine, say to 3-5 PPM 2) adding a shock amount of chlorine, say to 10-12PPM The goal is to balance extending cover life versus energy savings (losing heat). Finally, does a floating cover change your recommendation of length of times to leave the cover off?
  20. I'm having a hard time finding a price on the Covana. Where did you buy it and for how much?
  21. No problem at all Dan. I appreciate your reply.
  22. Vanguard...499th tub made in the second quarter of 2007 Thanks for your reply. I've had some tell me it is 2nd quarter 2008 and some say 2nd quarter 2007. Does anyone know if it is 2007 or 2008?
  23. Hello, can someone help me decode the serial number for Hot Springs Vanguard? SN: VV2k1499 thanks.
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