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  1. Hello all, It's been a while since I've visited this forum and hope someone here can help me. I live in Colorado Springs Colorado where we have thin air and lots of sunshine. We also get a lot of hail. Since getting my Marquis Spirit spa in early 2010 I've replaced 3 covers and now need a fourth. I had ordered a rhino cover from a company in Denver but they had some issues before they could deliver. Basically I need a cover that will stand up to high UV levels and pea size to nickel sized hail. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Tim
  2. Control Panel Problem

    Let me start at the beginning. On 6/6/2012 we had a hail strorm at my house. A few days later the adjuster came out and pointed out that our 2009 Marquis Spirit spa cover was damaged. We didn't notice it ourselves but when he pointed it out it was clearly visible.We didn't think to much of it and left the old one on while we ord red a new one. A few days later we got a few inches of rain. I opened the cover to find a brown mess. I immediately drained the spa and killed the power to it. Our new cover was delivered yesterday (thanks to rhtubs, fits and looks great). Now with that rather lengthy background, on to the problem. I cleaned and refilled my spa. Turned the power back on and the control panel said it was primimng. I let it go through the process and the jets came on the low setting. I hit the jets button and the jets went onto high. I turned the jets off as I wanted to see if any biofilm had come out of the jets, none present. I'm thinking great everything up and going. I then tried to turn on the jets and nothing happened. The buttons for settings, lights and temp all worked without issue. The only button that doesn't work is jets. Prior to shutting the spa down the jets button seemed to work but needed a few presses to work. Should I let the spa run for a couple days on it's regular cleaning cycles then try again? Does this sound like I need a new control panel? Thanks for the help. Tim
  3. Decontamination

    thank you very much. This forum has the best info. I really appreciate all the info and quick replies from everyone here.
  4. Decontamination

    After reading back a bit I can neutralize the chlorine hydrogen peroxide. How much would I need to add to lower from 60ppm in a 165 gal spa? I can do that when I get home tonight and drain Monday.
  5. Decontamination

    Just a quick question. I am in the process of the decontamination. I used leisure time Jet Clean to clean out the plumbing and let it sit overnight. Drained the spa Sunday morning refilled and super chlorinated. Unfortunately I got called away. Is it okay to leave the super chlorinated water in the spa until Monday afternoon (I don't have a real choice in the matter)? No time to drain and refill today and expecting cold temps tonight so I don't want to leave an empty spa without being winterized. Will this cause any damage?
  6. Fc Test Results

    Thanks Richard, I must have put the 2 bottles back in the wrong spots after my last good test. Now, can we delete this so I don't look like a complete idiot lol.
  7. Fc Test Results

    I just used my taylor test kit to test my FC. I added my 2 scoops of R-0870 and swirled to dissolve, the sample turned pink as usual. I added over 100 drops of R-0003 DPD reagent and the sample showed no signs of change. My last good reading was on 7/3/10 when FC was measured at 8.6 using the same test agents. Since that date I have added approximately 1.5 cups of Bleach (I'm using the dichlor bleach method)and we have not used the hot tub since 7/2/10. My CD is about 30%. It seems that my R-0003 is bad but could it go bad that fast with a good reading on 7/3 and a bad reading on 7/11? I purchased them less than 9 months ago. Is there any other explanation for this? Thanks for your input. Tim
  8. Hot Spring Spa

  9. Hot Spring Spa

    A friend of mine just purchased a home with an older Hot Spring Spa. Can someone help with what model it is and how old? Model F, Serial number F-151063. Also, where can I find the manual and filter specs?
  10. Marquis Error Code

    Here's what I found... SYSTEM LOCK Once you find and establish the settings that work best for your individual needs, use system lock to keep from inadvertently changing the settings. Press the TEMP+- pad and then immediately press the SETTING pad. Unlock by repeating sequence. While the system is locked, you may still operate the jets and light. The LCD window displays LC to indicate the system is locked when you try to change the temperature or settings.
  11. Raising Ph

    I know PH will rise with aeration. How long do I need to aerate to get my correct PH level? I tend to check when I come home from work and not real sure the last time the spa ran. It's been reading at 7.3-7.4. Do I need to run my jets 5 minutes, 10 minutes... an hour?
  12. Arctic Summit Too Hot

    I had this issue with my Marquis spa last year. When they set up and filled the spa the power was turned on about 2:00pm. The cleaning cycle runs for 2 hours twice a day and I would get the overheat error message. I changed the cycling times to 6:00am and 6:pm. This cleared up my overheat error.
  13. Fresh Fill

    Hi all, I'm draining my spa as I write this. Is there a certain order I should use to adjust my water balance i.e. dichlor then CH then TA or TA then CH then dichlor? at what temp should I begin balancing? Sorry if this has already been asked.
  14. While a box of different chemical tests may look intimidating it's very simple. I was in your same situation and now I can do all the tests in about 10 minutes. It's very hard to mess it up. You'll get the hang of it.
  15. Taylor K2006 Test Kit For Cheap

    I used this company for Taylor refills. I live in the US and had the items in less than a week. My experience was very good with them and will use it again. Good prices even with the shipping.