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  1. I do not, for the life of me, know how to read the results of the litmus strips when i test the water. It works..the colors change, but in my opinion, its not clear as to which color is which. I cant tell if its low or high or in the middle. Some of the colors look like they can be a few different ones. Any advice for this? Is there some type of "digital" tester I could use?
  2. Guess im kind of wasting time posting because i dont have an answer for you. But i did want to say I use bromine and it smells TERRIBLE. Sometimes its so bad I dont even want to open the lid to the tub. I will be checking up on this thread to see if you find out the reason to your problem, I would like to look into using Cleanwater blue; but not if its the cause of trouble. Also, my bromine says dont use it with any other cleaners.. May cause problem if you put it in with the cleanwater? *Shrug*
  3. Im new to this all... Which Sea Klear is the correct one to get? I think Sea Klear is the brand, I see a "Natural Clarifier,"Algea Prevention and Remover," and a "Phosphate Remover".... Im guessing its the clarifier but dont want to get the wrong one
  4. dude thanks so much for taking the time to post them. I was lucky enough to have caught this thread and take a look at the pics before I made my way to the dealer to officially pay for the tub this morning. The darker color is definitely interesting, nice though. My verdict was..decided to go with the "classic" white color. Cant wait to finally have a hot tub Thanks again dude
  5. @ KIALDA - Ah that makes sense. Im new to the whole hot tub scene so had no idea. Ive just never seen a black before, I guess in the future more will appear. I do think it could be nice if you were in it with someone youre overly fond of. Ill be using mine mainly with friends and , could be wrong, but im assuming white would keep the friendly atmosphere going. @ SOONERDAL - ill probably have my *white* tub by the time i see your photos, if you ever post some up. Id like to see em anyway, especially a shot of it lit up at NIGHT. Then i can kick myself in the butt for not choosing black if
  6. Congrats Stuart. Im sure you saved yourself a lot of money installing it on your own
  7. Thanks for all the comments! i ended up going with the white, but if the black is still avail. before they deliver I could switch. @JKM - Didnt think of that, like the product that comes off of peoples body? @GGSTEVE - Didnt think of that either. Possibly. I know the black is made out of a textured material so maybe it wouldnt get too bad. @POOL CLOWN - Something I thought was ugly. It had a white sand looking interior with light "wood" paneling. @SOONERDAL - Any pics???? Id love to see it at night.
  8. Hi all, First off, ive been browsing this forum for about 8 months now and Ive enjoyed reading about the different spas and everyones opinions, good and bad, on them. it helped me choose a brand. So thank you. unfortunately where I live my options were EXTREMELY limited. It didnt help that I wanted a round hot tub either. I went with the denali model from sundance. I only had 3 color options (all that was in stock). I have a very limited amount of time (literally hours) to make a decision. My options are 1. Coastal exterior (brown) and PLATINUM (white) interior or 2. Coastal exter
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