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  1. Hi Guys Could do with some advice please, I have a Caldera 2005 Elation which I bought used several years ago. Its been a great tub, a couple of years ago the relay board went so I bought a kit on eBay to get it up and running again using the original board, then I had a flow switch go bad and more recently the main control board. But have an issue right now with the heater, it won't come on, just keep having temp flashing with whatever I have it set too on the display. The red heater led in the board isn't lighting either and I can't figure out what it could be. Can anyone please
  2. Hello All Hope someone can please offer a little advice, I have a 12k gallon in ground pool in Central Florida (build 92) and have a few Oak's near me that make my pool floor dirty and its tough to keep clear even with a screen cage over the top I still find bits in the pool. I just bought a poolskim which seems to be working well right now on the surface but would really like to get the bottom of the pool. Can someone please recommend a good cleaner for my pool, I took a look at the Polaris cleaners but thats about it so far. Couple of questions too please, do you leave a cleaner in all
  3. Hi guys Wonder if someone can please help, For a while now I have tried to install something so I can read the current temp of my pool, I have bought various floating sensors but they don't seem to last very long and soon stop working. I don't have any control center inside all my equipment is outside but does anyone know of a method of just reading the temp from inside the house, don't mind running cable if need be. Hoe someone can please help Thank you Stuart
  4. Hello All Need a little advice please regarding the balance of my water and chemicals involved, right now my pool guy uses bromine in my Caldera Elation 2005 tub and whilst looking at various websites there appears to be a lot of people using different products to get the water balance correct. I sometimes get in my tub and I get a smell of bromine or something that starts when I get the fine mist in the air when the jets are on and it really gets on my chest and causes me to cough, it doesn't happen all the time but it gets annoying. Also I read somewhere bromine can cause staining or issu
  5. Hi All Need a little help, just purchased and installed an used 05 Caldera Elation but the last owner didn't have any real paperwork to go with the spa so I am on the hunt for a owners manual for it that I can download. I went to Caldera and downloaded there 2008 owners manual that covers a range of spas but for some reason the pages that are meant to display the Elation seem corrupt, don't know if its me or not, if someone has a good 2008 owners manual that would help too. Thanks again Stuart
  6. Hi Thank you all so much for the advice, I had my 05 Caldera Elation delivered yesterday morning and we spent most of the day running cable but at midnight last night I finally had every wire in place, filled the tub up this morning and its runnng perfectly! I can't tell you how excited I am waiting to use it. Again thank you all. Stuart
  7. Thanks guys for your replies, I have been searching all evening for some sort of answer, I think you have both helped me out. When I mentioned external breaker box, its an existing external breaker box for my pool pump and pool lights (heater has its own breaker box line). So we were going to tap off the existing line that the pool pump used but I don't think it has a neutral line just the two 220v and a ground line. I really don't want to run another complete line for the spa as I already spent $400 on #6 cable today and can't really afford another $400 for another run unless I really ha
  8. Hi All I am attempting to wire in a Caldera Spa on Wednesday so I can hopefully join the elite spa owners on this forum This will be my first time trying to wire a spa so need a little advice please, its a Caldera spa, 4 wire 220v. I am trying to figure all this out in my head, as far as the gauge wire I have that and bought 100ft #6 outdoor 4 wire. I think I have a correct understanding of how I wire the spa but need it double checking please, I know I can wire from the GFI sub panel to the spa but I am not 100% sure on the neutral wire, from what I understand the Neutral wire an
  9. Thank you so much for the advice, turns out the Stereo had shorted and was the reason the rest wasn't kicking on, stereo removed and all working again! Thank you.
  10. Hi Guys Need a little help if you can please, got a friend with a 2005 Caldera Elation spa and she is having problems with it, I used my multi tester to double check and all 230v are getting to the spa which it was but the display on top of the spa is just displaying red dashes (ie. --- ) and there is little flow in the spa but not like it should! I took the equipment panel off the side of the spa and then took the front of the blue box that all the power cables go into and there is a red on board led lighting, when you trip the breaker and reset there are 2 green leds that light for a few
  11. Hi All I am a newbie to this forum and hot tub life, I have wanted a HT for years and now in a position to finally buy a good used unit..can't afford new right now, I am looking at a 2006 Caldera Elation for around $3700. My biggest problem is moving the thing, I belive its around 800lbs empty and as the spa is an hour away its going to tough to get friends to come over and help plus I don't have a flat bed truck!. Really looking for a company that could collect it for me but can't find anything on the net. Has anyone else been in this situation before and know of a good Hut Tub movin
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