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  1. I did not mention I use a vision cartridge, and an ozinator. Does this matter? Thanks Dave
  2. I want to test my levels in my pool and spa. I have a salt kit for my pool but I would like to get a kit for the spa and I dont do well with strips. I normally take a sample to leslies pool supply but I would like to learn to do it myself. What do You suggest??....Thanks Dave
  3. Thanks for the answerI cannot see the screen so I dont know the temp...now I do. I guess I knew it was the controls just hoping for something else. Thanks for responding....Dave
  4. Thanks much I have 2 new flappers I will install and I will check it out as you say. Thanks Again..Dave
  5. My Chairman is a 2003. The one button opposite the top panel controls 1 pump and it works. Pump comes on no problem. The heater comes on but the heating light on the panel doesnt come on. When I say the lights on the panel come on its the small light where you can see that the panel is connected. So the panel is getting power to light up...but wont operate either pump or the heater. Almost as if the heater is bypassing the panel and going right to the heater. Confusing I know......Thank you for your input...Dave
  6. I have a navigator and it works fine but keeps getting twisted hoses. The cleaner doesnt turn very easily causing the twists. Are there any swivels for 1-1/4 hose or is it the cleaner>>>> Thanks Dave
  7. I have a D1 Chairman and the upper control panel lights up but wont start the pump. Am I stuck with a 350.00 new panel??? Thanks Dave
  8. My Dimension one Chairman is leaking what appears to be under one of the filter housing and near the hose than runs under it. all the foam is soaking wet and I dont know what usually causes this the spa is 7 years old, but we love it. Thanks for any input...Dave Gale
  9. My Dimension One spa heater went out and I replaced it...didnt get hot , called the circulating pump distributor and he asked it I bled the line. wwweeeeellll like no , so I did and where the heating water is supposed to come out , bubbles are there but not the force of heated water. Please help.....the spa is only 51 degrees. Thank You..... Merry Christmas!!! Dave Gale
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