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  1. Hello, I've had my beachcomber 350 for over a year. The good news is, the tub works fine. The bad news: I can't seem to stay out of the HT store buying chemicals to treat the tub constantly. There has *got* to be a better way...otherwise, I'm beginning to believe that this thing is nothing but a money pit. Usual routine: I usually refill it after about 4 mths. I pour in a bottle of eliminate #1, a little over a cup of bromate and my new Frog and supposedly all I *should* have to do is shock it once a week. Well, that ain't happenin'... Usually right off something is screwed up. This last time, the bromine level was really low. So I added more bromate and cranked up the Frog a notch from 3 to 4. Usually I keep it on 3 and it is pretty much okay but not this time?! Anyway, still really low, so I opened up the Frog all the way to 6 and shocked it again. Now it's too high... Meanwhile, the PH goes way up after only about 2 days. This happens whethere or not the bromine level is high. In the past, my bromine levels have usually been fine and the PH flies up really high after just a couple of days after filling it. So I've bought I don't know how many bottles of PH Minus to try to get it back down, and usually when I take a test in I have to dump nearly a half bottle in to get it back down...only to come back up again within a week. Sometimes I have to add Resist because of the alkaline levels. Anyway, this is a constant process with this tub. The dealer just srudges and says, "Don't know" and his wife admitted they are always putting in PH minus in their tub. Something they don't tell you when they sell you the tub of course. It's just the "Easy to maintain" line when they're selling you the tub. Any comments? I've read somewhere that you shouldn't use a Frog. Period. THe dealer rang up how much it would cost to switch to one of the usual Beachcomber chemicals packages that you use in leu of the Frog system, and it was $105. to buy everything! Silly! Thanks for any help you can give me. Kim ---------------------------------- Something I should explain is, I'm not some woman just dumping stuff into the tub. I get it tested by the store and follow THEIR directions. It only clears up the prob for a couple of days and I'm back to having high pH, usually. I'm getting tired of running to the store and getting my water tested. Is there anyplace I can buy a complete testing kit and not just a bromine and pH tester?
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