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  1. Well I will take your advice and look into solar. I am down in Florida, it is cold as in the north right now. 31 degrees where I live. Thanks again for all the great replies.
  2. Sorry for the double post. Computer is not working well.
  3. Are you guys saying that I should forget about this? I was getting the generator for about $500 new. I just thought it was an idea as to cut down on my high eletricity bill. Thanks for the replies. From what I am hearing from you guys the generator is not powerfull enough for this heater.
  4. Are you guys saying that I should forget about this? I was getting the generator for about $500 new. I just thought it was an idea as to cut down on my high eletricity bill. Thanks for the replies. From what I am hearing from you guys the generator is not powerfull enough for this heater.
  5. Ok, got some more info. The model heat pump that I have is the Jandy AE-2500T and the generator I am looking at is the Rigid 8000Watts. generator. From what I was reading it sounded workable to me, but I am far from being an expert in this field. Thanks in advance to your replies.
  6. I am going to get a little better information for you about this genearator. I can't afford the electric bill from this heat pump. It really spin my meter on the house. LOL
  7. Hi all, I have a question for you. I have the Jandy Heat pump Medel AE-Ti, I would like to know if it is possible to use a generator with the pump for heating the pool. I know it runs on 220 I the generator I am thinking of does produce 220. (11,000 HP) Thanks in advance for the replies.
  8. I will give the pool one more test before loosing my cool over this. I am going to do the bucket tests next week. It was only in September I got my final inspection on the pool. If I see it is still leaking I will give them a call on Wednesday.
  9. Pool is concrete and I have been losing about 1/2" a day even when there is no sun out and the day is in the low 70s. I has been losing water about a month plus.
  10. What is the most likely place for an in ground pool to leak? An almost new pool.
  11. I know it is weird; my neighbor has a pool also and had never seen anything looking like that when I showed it to him using my net skimmer. However a couple of weeks ago, he came to the fence shouting to me, when I went over to the fence he told me he now have them in his pool. I think they come from the lawn, so I started spraying insecticide I bought costing over $50.00 a pint, and it as slowed them. Now I only see very few of them on the deck or in the pool. Perhaps the spraying is working or because of the days cooling down why I am noticing fewer.
  12. Ok! Here it is, the URL. I clicked on it and it took me to the photo. Thanks http://s973.photobucket.com/albums/ae219/m...t=PICT0090a.jpg
  13. I guess it did not work. Only an "X" showed up on my reply.
  14. photobucket.com works well with this forum. Ok, I am going to take a stab at this, trying to upload the photo.
  15. I don't want to hijack the post, but have you guys heard of using your airconditioning unit to heat the pool?
  16. Sorry! How do I upload the image? I took a photo of this thing, not too great a photo but you can get the idea of what I am talking about.
  17. Went to google trying to see if I coult get a crawler or insect that looks like the one in my pool and I could not find one. However, I will get one out of the pool and try to get a closeup shot of it and post it. Thanks
  18. I live in Port St. Lucie Florida and I have an in ground pool built just finished about 2 month ago, and of late I notice some crawlers in the pool rim and some on the bottom of the pool crawling. I skim them out and had a look at them. They are about 3/32" wide and about 1/4" long, have about 30 to 40 legs on each side, brown in color with dark horizontal stripes. They do not drown in the water, I sprayed them with insecticide and they survive. I don't know if anyone as ever seen these crawlers or how to get rid of them. If there is anyone with and idea, I am all ears.
  19. Hi folks, I have a new inground pool with diamond brite plaster finish and I have the grandkids over for their last week of summer but they left with pain. Foot bottom sore and almost bleeding because of the pool wall being very rough. The pool bottom is a little better but if you stay long enough in the pool, even the pool floor start hurting you. What can I do to aliviate this, I was planning to get a wire wall brush and brush like hell to see if that would help. What do you good people think I should do. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  20. Outstanding, thanks for your quick reply, I feel more at ease now. Thanks again.
  21. Is ist customery for the pressure gauge on top of the filter to be at zero when pump is off? I never noticed it until today. Filter is a Jandy system filter. Thanks.
  22. No it pretty simple. If installed correctly with water in the spa. Turn the power off. There should be a screw near the center of the lights outer ring. Loosen the screw and it should come out of the niche with enough cord to reach the spa deck. You could also drain the spa. With the light out there is a band with a bolt or screws that hold it together. Remove that and now you have access to the bulb. Replace the bulb with a exact same rating. If it halogen bulb do not touch it with bare hands. Reassemble the light asseambly, but before putting it back into the niche hold under some water and look for air bubbles. No bubbles wrap the cord around it and return it the light niche. if you have air bubbles or the inside of the light in damp, you will need to replace the gasket Thanks very much for your reply, sounds simple enough. I have to make sure and get the right bulb. Thanks again for your help.
  23. I have a Jandy spa light in my spa, (white only), is it difficult to change the bulb?
  24. Has anyone had a bool built by A&G Concrete pools? from Ft Pierce Fl? I am shopping around for a good pool builder but rather hear from someone who had a pool built by these people. Thanks in advance for your reply.
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