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  1. The plastic window on the cover where gives pool water info was brittle and crack, after the hurricane down here in Florida water got into the system via the cracked window and now beeps with error code 170. Did the rain water shorted out the backboard? Any info on this could be very helpful. Thanks
  2. I havd a leak in the spa, after the pump for the pool and spa goes off the water level in the spa drops about 1 inch over night. I check and replace the valve thinking that was the problem but it isn't. A pump service guy came and used the dye detection and said it looks like it is leaking at the light. So I drained the spa into the pool and usede the pool putty where I think it could be leaking such as around the light cord inlet and everywhere else. Waited until it was dried and put water back into the spa. The following day it leaked half the previous amount about 1/4 inch bellow the water line. Is it possible to use flex seal and just spray the area and see it that takes care of the problem and will that hold. I am gettin frustrated now. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the 100 views without one reply. I guess no one ever encountered this problem before. However, I purchased a back printed board for this jandy system and I am glad to say I am back in business swimming again, and then again the post was probably not explaining the problem in the right format. Thanks again.
  4. Checking my electronic chlorine generator and noticed the service light on and codes 171 and 189 flashing, can someone tell me how to take care of this without me calling a pool professional to rip me off? I did that once and they wanted to charge me almost 2000.00 for a new cell and installation. I bought the cell and installed it myself for a 1/3 of the money over two years ago. Thank very much in advance of your help.
  5. I was away out of the country and just got back. I want to thank you for your response to this and the problem was actually my cya was way off. Also have to increase my running time of the pump. Four and 1/2 hours a day is not enough time to build chlorine.
  6. My chlorine generating system does not appear to be working properly. A few weeks ago I cleaned the cell and it is still not making chlorine. The salt reading is at 3.4 and the system is not giving me any error codes, the light goes on saying it is making chlorine but after a couple days I use my test strips and nothing. Any idea on what to do next, aside from buying a new sensor and or cell?
  7. Can I get a step by step on how to clean my Jandy aqua pure cell? It has not been cleaned in over two years. No one told me until a few days ago that it had to be cleaned every so often. Thanks
  8. Any ideas on how to power wash the pool deck without all the garbage getting into the pool? My deck is of pavers and between the paver it is starting to get black with mildew and dirt where they are joined, no matter how much I sweep it, it does not. Thanks!
  9. I could confirm that it was pulling air through the lid-cover "O" ring. I did place an order for a new o ring. However, what I did was remove the o ring and cleaned the groove for the ring and re-seat the old o ring and the problem is solved. Five days now and not one bubble. I will keep the new ring just in the event the old one goes bad againg. I want to thank you guys for your helpful replies.
  10. For the last 5 days or so I have noticed large bubbles in the jandy pump filter glass, that looks like it bubbling over in the glass. I have tried bleeding the air using the pressure release valve on top of the filter unit. Now this is not happening every day, but 3 out of 5 days I have noticed the problem. How can I fix this. The pool is only three years old. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the quick reply PoolGuy. Yes it's all Jandy, to include the valve. I think I will make a go at it. First time for everything. Thanks again for the reply.
  12. In ground pool about 3 years old, with elevated spa. Jandy system, pool is 7x15 irregular shape 14,500 gallons and spa 750 gallons. A few days ago I noticed after pump turning off, a few a couple of hours the water in the tub started going down I first thought it was a leak but then noticed the water in the pool rising. A friend told me to check the check valve I did and noticed the plastic flap dangling in the window with the spring broken. Is this difficult to fix and if not, what are the steps in fixing it? Any help I will greatly appreciate.
  13. Thanks Pool Clown for the reply. It was fine for a whole year and then all of a sudden it starts to drip. Like you say the seal might be going. I will try the channel lock open it a see if I can change the seal. Thanks again for the help.
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