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  1. I have owned a premium Leisure spa for a few years. There was one issue with a blister and the company was very responsive on service. The spot was repaired and is fine. Otherwise, performance is flawless and trouble free. Electical costs are less than the spa it replaced. When we had a 16 hour blackout with single digit temps, i was concerned. After 16 hours, the temp had dropped to only 86 from the normal 102. No complaints here. Regarding service, etc, the premium leisure factory folks have been very responsive and available to answer questions. The only other issue was having to replace the original cover after 2 years.
  2. I got a new Solis spa cover before the snow started here in the northeast. Very happy with it so far. It is a 6" cover, and i got a full length steam stopper. It showed the performance in the snow we have had this winter. First of all, this is the first cover I have had in 20+ years that didn't have the snow melt along the fold--the steam stopper really works. Also, the snow didnt turn to mush/ice on top of this. Take a look at their specs-they claim mildew resistance and it includes double wrapping. There price was very competitive and service was fine. The following is from their web site. www.solisspacovers.com PS: when we lost power for 16 hours with single digit temps, the spa temp only went down to 86 degrees from 102. The cover seems to do great. ADDITIONAL FEATURES OF THE PREMIUM COVER MODEL INCLUDE: * 6 to 4" taper/Thickness, 1.5 Lb Density Virgin EPS Polystyrene Foam Core (beware of recycled foam that breaks easily) * Insulation Rating Exceeding R 25 * 20 Gauge Galvanized Steel C-Channel in Each Half (adds strength and support). For a limited time get two 20 gauge c-channels in each half for a total of four c-channel supports per cover FREE! That's 2X the support of a regular spa cover! * TRUE 6 mil Vapor Barrier (Clear Guard System), Some Other Companies Claim They Use 6mil, So if the Price Sounds to Good to be True Your Probably Only Getting 1.5 mil or Less! . For a Limited Time Get the DOUBLE VAPOR BARRIER UPGRADE FREE! * Premium "Spa Hyde" Vinyl (30oz per linear yd), 9 Color Choices, Chlorine and Bromine Resistant PLUS Treated with Mold and Mildew Inhibitors * 10 oz.Double Laminated Spa Liner (underside of cover) NO MESH, Chlorine and Bromine Resistant PLUS Treated with Mold and Mildew Inhibitors * Double Reinforced Hinge, Handles & Tie-Downs * Extra Thick Steam-Stopper * Maximum Weight Capacity 125 Lbs * 5 year Warranty
  3. Fife: I can't comment on the latest model, but I have owned a Premium Leisure Lexxus for 18 months. Less than a month after I bought it from a local dealer, the dealer went out of business. After about 4 months, I noticed some blisters on the shell in one corner. I contacted Premium Leisure and we began some discussions about a warranty replacement. Although they would replace the spa, the shipping and removal/reinstall costs would be mine. We settled on a fully covered repair to the shell, which is invisible a year later. The mechanicals have been fine and we are very happy with the spa, and it was much less than any comparable ones from other area dealers. Tech support was very good about handling the issue and arranging the service. The acrylic repair guy was a specialist who came from VT to CT to do the repair--and did a great job. Bottom line on my experience--great value, great manufacturers service and happy customers!
  4. When i needed to replace my 20 year old spa last year, I tried to apply some strategies I used in other purchases. One is the buy cheaper and replace more often vs. the buy expensive and keep for a long time. For computer and electronic equipment, I have tended to move downmarket, looking for cheaper models. Rather than spending $2000-$3000 on a high end model, I get a $1000 model that does what I need. In 3 years, another $1000 will buy a model that now has more features than the earlier $3000 model. So rather than looking for a $12,000+/- spa, I can get a $6,000 spa and replace it sooner with one that has new features not previously available. Another high-ticket strategy is to look locally then price shop online and look for a local price match. The last 6 cars i purchased were bought over the phone. A couple were from the local dealers, the rest were from out of town and even out of state dealers. The local dealers have been quite happy to have my service business. Over the 20 year life of my previous spa, I found dealers in town quite happy to service a "not bought here" spa. For those with a bit of skill, (and with deference to the pros out there), I found it not too difficult to replace pumps, heater elements and solenoids. For my purchase a year ago, I wound up with a Premium Leisure Lexxus spa purchased from a local dealer. I was, however, able to get them to match the price from an online dealer and haul away my old spa. The local dealer went out of business a few months after my purchase, but Premium Leisure stepped right up with the one issue I had. There were a few blisters in one area of the spa. Rather than replacing the spa, a totally invisible repair was made. Everything else runs fine. I am confident that the off the shelf spa pack (Balboa) and pumps will give comparable service to other brands, even those costing significantly more. There has been a lot on the board about their prior life with Cosctco, but the new company seems to be providing a quality product with a focus on a dealer model rather than mass merchandisers. (Their new marketing VP came over from Watkins). It may be worth a look and save you some $.
  5. I was faced with a similar situation--a 20 year old spa, a few jets, and recessed into a custom designed deck. With some ambivalence, i wound up replacing it. I foune a model that fit into the old recess with just some minor modifications. Now, 10 months later, I am very very pleased with the choice. I thought the main value was the hot soak and that the "jet-talk" was primarily hype. WRONG...my now 20 year older body really appreciated the multiple jets on back, shoulders, neck--especially after a day of yardwork, kayaking or bicycling. The ease and precision of the electronic controls and ozone all add to the ease and pleasure. Wet test a new tub and see what you think.
  6. I purchased a Premium Leisure Lexxus spa from a local dealer last December. It was $4500, which was a good price point compared to the premium spas. Unfortunately, the dealer went out of business a few months after the sale. About 4 months after the purchase , I noticed some blisters in the acrylic in one small area. Subsequent discussions with the manufacturer led to a decision to repair rather than replace, since the removal/reinstall costs would have been mine. We had to wait for warm weather for the repairs, which were just recently completed. The repair person was an acrylic artist who performed an undetectable repair. Premium Leisure was very cooperative about the repair and retained a highly skilled artisan to perform the repair. The were diligent in following up with the contactor to facilitate the repair. I'd recommend considering this good value product even though it is not often mentioned on here.
  7. The easy way is to siphon with a garden hose and then i use a wet/dry shop vac for the last bit.
  8. FWIW, i purchased a Premium Leisure spa about 8 months ago. It was the Lexxus model, and ran about $4500 delivered with removal of my 20+ year old spa. The model fit in the existing deck surround and was well equipped for the price point. A few months later, the dealer went out of business, but having owned and worked on a spa for over 20 years, I am fine with replacing components as needed. We did have a problem with some blistering in one small area. I am awaiting consistent over 70-degree weather to have the Warrantee repair done. Replacement of the spa would have been costly for me in terms of removal and re installation costs. A repair in place is much better. As a boat and kayak owner, I am fine with fiberglass repairs being made to the existing shell--have had that done multiple times to boats. The manufacturer has been responsive. Other than that one glitch, the spa has been fine. Costs are less than my previous spa, so that works for me. As many people have said here, it is important to look at your local dealers. It is also important to consider your own comfort with working on your spa. I was fine with saving 3K on spa costs and possibly having to do some of the repairs i had already done on my other spa(pump rebuild/replacement, heater replacement, control repair, etc.) If you are looking at a 15year+ lifespan on your spa, there are components that are going to fail within that time. I felt more comfortable with a spa using "off the shelf" components than custom components only available from the manufacturer. Enjoy!
  9. I am using the leisure time reserve/renew system The first 4 months iwth the new spa, pH stayed in range. Upon refill, and less often use, the pH tends to creep up over a few weeks from 7.4 to 8. What is the cause, and more importantly, what is the solution. Thanks
  10. I'm not a chem expert and certainly don't have the data or expertise for a point by point discussion. I was just sharing an alternative which has worked satisfactorily. Some of the activities might be "superstitious behavior" but it does seem to work OK. Others can make their own choices. I appreciate your input for their consideration.
  11. Let me put in a plug for the Leisuretime 2 part bromine. It has worked fine for me and is relatively easy. After getting the water balanced on fill and establishing bromine reserve: 1. after each use, 2oz of Renew as a shock. I like this because the organic stuff is zapped after each use. For the "easy to use" routine, i take the shock dose out when we go into the spa. When we get out, I dump it in, put the pump on high and go in to shower. I come out and put the cover on after the shower, allowing the vapors to dissipate and reducing cover damage. 2. if the spa is not used for 2 days, I dump 1oz of Renew in. Easy to do in less than 60 seconds. 3. a quick strip check before use to verify sanitizer level 4. weekend routine (takes about 3 minutes): add Reserve, clarifier, enzyme, scale control, swap filter, put old filter in dishwasher on no heat cycle. I double checked the strips with the Taylor kit and found that the strip readings were doing fine. In the past I found the floater was difficult to get set to maintain a consistent level--checking still required. I am also using an ozone generator and a mineral cartridge. The water has been very clear and odor free for over 3 months (change coming soon). Although this system requires some more "touches" they are very brief and the results have been great without any difficult tinkering. Also, I like the concept of shocking after each use. We haven't been away for longer than 4 days, but for a week or more away, I would shock before leaving and again upon return, letting the mineral and ozone keep things in check during the interim.
  12. This appeared in today's Wall Street Journal: Just look at Moody's latest Bottom Rung list, which features the companies it views as most likely to default on debts. The buyout gang's all there: Univision, Harrah's Entertainment, Realogy Corp. and Jacuzzi Brands Corp. among others. Not the most encouraging endorsement for Jacuzzi
  13. We had a removable deck section built. I had 4 marine hatch cover handles recessed into the boards, so I could just lift it out when needed.
  14. I have been using bromine with the 2 chemical reserve/renew method. I also have ozone and a mineral cartridge. Everything has been working great with shocking after each use and adding a bit of renew if needed ever day or 2 if not using the tub. We are going to be away for at least 4 days and I wanted to know some options. Are the ozone and mineral sufficient to keep things under control with no use? Should i add a bromine floater with tabs for the time we are gone? Other recommended options? Thanks in advance to the experts who generously give of their time and expertise on here (what a welcome difference from when I got my first spa 18 years ago).
  15. Irrespective of the brand, I would have some questions about any new spa that had been sitting idle for 4 years or so--what is the impact on pump seals, etc. If it was wet tested at some point, a likely occurrence, there has been a long time opportunity for thing to grow in places you cant see.
  16. It is not the prettiest repair, but Marine-Tex epoxy is very strong and bonds to metal, fiberglass, etc. Made for boat repairs, it handles harsh environments. You can get it in hardware or marine supply stores.
  17. 303 is good stuff to use and have around. It is recommended for our Kayaks, Drysuits, grill covers, etc.
  18. Mre: I second the advice about carefully looking at the local scene. Your overall experience is going to be significantly influenced by the quality/service of the dealer. It is similar to autos and other major appliances. You can usually find several brands that offer closely competitive quality, but you will have to "live" with the local service. I recently replaced my 19 year old spa. Over that span I had learned quite a bit about servicing the spa, so in looking for another one I was interested in good quality but "off the shelf" components. I didn't want to be wedded to one manufacturer for their proprietary electronics, jets, etc. It is unfortunate that there is no impartial rating of spas (of the Consumer Reports type), so we are all relying on anecdotal data from web sites. In that case, a local dealer's reputation is some of the best resource. One advantage you have is that being in AZ the insulation isnt quite as much of an issue as those of us in northern climates. Then again, you dont get to enjoy a soak in the water when it is 10 degrees outside. Enjoy your selection...
  19. You didn't comment regarding your water source. I have my own well, and there is a tendency to get some sediment if I draw 250 gallons from the well. I got the hose end filter to use to prevent sediment getting into the spa. It works fine for that purpose. If you have city water without sediment, I cant say what value add a filter might be.
  20. Many hot tub users (myself among them) find the experience of using them outdoors to add immeasurably to the enjoyment. Sitting in the warm water on a crisp sunny day or a cold starry night is a part of the fun. For me, it kind of takes me back to the experience humans have had for thousands of years--sitting outside and soakin in warm water. Go the basement route if that works for you, but try an outdoor soak if you havent already.
  21. You didn't comment regarding your water source. I have my own well, and there is a tendency to get some sediment if I draw 250 gallons from the well. I got the hose end filter to use to prevent sediment getting into the spa. It works fine for that purpose.
  22. I have some dry chemicals which are 5-10 years old. What is the shelf life of: total alkalinity increaser (sodium hydrogen carbonate) sodium bromide bio guard oxy-sheen( potassium monopersulfate 42.8%) leisure time renew (potassium peroxymonosulfate 32.18%) sodium bicarbonate Also are potassium monopersulfate and potassium peroxymonosulfate equivalent for use as a shock in a 2 part bromine tub (reserve/renew). Thanks for any help. I wish my high school chemistry teacher had warned me to pay more attention because I would need it in 40 years for my spa....
  23. I have been using a 1/3 hp submersible pump from True Value. For over 15 years, it has emptied the 250 gallon spa in about 5 minutes. Here is somethig similar on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Superior-Pump-91330-...e/dp/B000X07GQS. A good pump is something worth having around the house, so buying something mid-size is a bit of an insurance policy. A 1/3 hp pump moves a good bit of H2O
  24. I have had my new spa running for about 3 weeks. Water chemistry is fine as best i can tell (per strips and Taylor kit). I owuld like to simplify a but more and not worry about having to check water everyday. Can I begin using spa frog now or do i need to wait until next refill?
  25. Hi all I have answered my own post, do a google search for Oregon Scientific floating pool thermometer, this looks like ti will work not cheap but combined with the right unit in the house it will be great Will In the US you should be able to purchase a cheap remote transmitter with a temp probe and a base unit for under $50 at Lowes, Home Depot, etc. They do not have an alarm but show max and min. and can be connected to several remotes. I have 2 remotes. One is in the tub and the other is inside the cabinet. They have worked great for years. I know they make similar but more expensive units for use in green houses, etc. that have multiple alarms. In Europe you should be able to purchase any of these over the net. Thats great, I was planning on putting one in the cabinet too. It is currently -6Degrees here and my tub is holdig its tempf ro about 3.5 hours before the heater kicks in, so I am keen to do some monitoring. Thanks for your reply Will Check out the La Crosse items on Amazon. I opted for a probe rather than floating because the floating ones got very mixed reviews for durability.
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