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  1. My test strips measure total hardness, which shows normal at 250. My test kit shows a calcium hardness that is low at 130. What is the difference? What does this mean?
  2. I had to drain and refill my tub after only three weeks. I attribute it to too much softener and scent stuff. Has anyone else had this problem? What's good to use to soften the water so your skin doesn't get so dry, especially in the winter? Are the inSPArations products OK?
  3. I have read about filtering water before adding it to your spa. How is this done? I would like to filter for minerals, anythin else? What filters do you use that can be added to a hose? Can you show links to examples? As always, thanks! I found this link here. IS this good? Anyone have any experience or using something else? Would this one be OK?
  4. I am looking for a waterproof universal remote control to run my TV and DVD player. I am willing to pay $100. anybody know of anything like this? I have looked on ebay, amazon, and others will no luck so far. I'll keep looking, but I thought I'd see what you guys know.
  5. Roger, I think your probably right. This was a surprise to me. I thought it would be more than 35 A.
  6. Well, my electrician answered the question for me. We turned on the tub, the heater, lights, ozonator, and all pupms to max, and he took a reading. Surprisingly, the answer as 36 amps.
  7. This is my spa specs I am making sure my garage, which does have 240 service, also has enough amps.
  8. Doctor Hot Tub, thanks for your response. I ended up buying the Cal Spa, but the larger model shown here than I mentioned above. My dealer has been in business for several years. I purchased a spa from him nine years ago. That was an LA Spa that worked great until the last year. What is it about the CalSpas that is a problem? The pumps, plumbing? What should I be watching for? It is being delivered tomorrow (Friday) and the owner does deliveries himself. I plan to let the owner know that I am informed. If there are problems, I will be calling him and expecting good service.
  9. Can anyone tell me more about this? Where did you get this program? (or anything like it.)
  10. I live in the country and don't get to the big city all the time so can't always buy chemicals and supplies in person. What are the best places online to order supplies? Best = dependable and reasonable prices. Thanks!
  11. Can you define completly refurbished? New motors, new plumbing, etc?
  12. Nitro, I read your entire post and the information is very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to do this. It would be nice if this were pinned to the top in this forum for easy reference. Personally, I printed out Nitro's first post.
  13. I'm no nudist or anything, but it seems that everytime I let someone get in my previous spa with a swimsuit, it ruined my water. I'd get foam or some other problem. So, the new rule is: no swimsuits. Anyone else have this rule?
  14. I bought a new tub and it's being delivered in 6 days. (can't wait!) I had my old tub for 9 years and it held up well, but I want to do things perfect with the new tub. The new tub has a built-in ozanator. I also am considering using the N2 product so I can use less chemicals. I read Nitro's water management system. It was a great read, and I appreciate that he took the time to post it. How does an ozanator and the N2 change what he wrote? Thanks.
  15. I am looking at this hot tub. My dealer has one in stock (a left over 2008) that he will sell for $4900. This price includes steps, cover and cover lift, and delivery and set up at my home. It has a waterfall and LED lights inside and around the edge of the tub, which are features my wife appreciates. This will be replacing a spa I have had for ten years, that I bought from the same dealer. My questions: Is this a good spa? What can you tell me about the CalSpas brand? (my currect spa is an LA Spas) Is this a good price? Any information is appreciated. Thank you.
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