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  1. the second pump (one on the left) is a single speed pump, so that is ok. the 3 relays on the bottom of the board are all for the heater, no pumps connect there. are you sure the spa is calling for heat? is the little icon on the screen lit up? make sure that the spa is in "standard mode" then and that icon is lit. if so, test for 240 combined volts (NOT FOR POWER TO GROUND ON EACH WIRE)on the red and black at the heater. if no 240 the relays are probally bad. if 240 is there the heater is bad.
  2. try cleaning the connection between the pc board and the control panel. Power down the spa unplug the panel (its the phone cord lookin one on on upper right hand of board) clean and plug back in. Sometimes this will get it going again.
  3. Thats a bad flow sw. If the flo is displayed solid on the screen it's the flow sw. If it's flashing flo, it's the circ pump.
  4. Definetly sounds like bad contactors to me... Easy to replace, just make sure you get the right coil voltage.
  5. I cut about an 1/8 inch slot in the center of the new clip where the strap rides, turn it sideways and feed the strap through the cut in the clip. It's hard to explain but easy to do.
  6. probally from being banged around.. I'd bet the board is ok. replace the sensor.
  7. So your saying with the temp sensor in the water, it reads a 104- but the water is really 90... if so the sensor is bad.
  8. Take my opinion for what's worth, I'm just another fool on the internet... But, I have been serviceing spas for about 10 years. I am Independent service company. I do not sell spas, so I have no loyalty to any brand per say. Cal spas are average quality at best. They use they same balboa controls as 80% of they spas out there. I can tell you I have seen a few new shells cracking around the led lights... And quite a few leakers that were brand new. I don't feel that their customer service is all that great either. Costco can't help you there, where a dealer could. Go try a sundance, jacuzzi, d1, marq... what ever. Look around, wet test, and ask questions... Find a dealer who will stand behind what he sells. 5-6 grand is alot of money these days! I'm not bashing Costco either, I feel that spas are kind of a specialty items that need a dealer with qualified people to handle any issues you might have.
  9. In my opinion, I would shy away from cal spas at all costs...
  10. I would definetly stay away from calspa... Out of the rest I would go for the certa.
  11. Ivan, Make sure your in standard mode, Then set the cycles... I could tell how to set it but you'd be better off to print the manual which can be found here http://www.sundancespas.com/Communications...als/1997750.pdf Don't forget, your spa uses military time!
  12. Since I was right, Do I get a free weekend at the cabin??? Just kiddin' Your welcome ~ Otis
  13. My guess... It's set to economy mode. Press and hold the up and down temp buttons, then set to f3, It should stay on and heating in that mode...
  14. if it has a "excellent" (brand name) transformer in it, that is the problem... replace it.
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