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  1. Let me tell you about my experience with Arctic Spa and Onzen. I purchased my Yukon tub 3 years ago and spent a bunch of money on the Onzen option. This was the original version 7 which produced both ozone and bromine. I had nothing but problems with this unit as did hundreds of other people. My electrodes were replaced 3 times before being "upgraded" to Version 8 on the forth time. What they neglected to tell me was that version 8 DISABLED THE OZONE GENERATOR. So what I was left with was a bromine/chlorinator...THAT'S IT!!! If I wanted to generate ozone they will gladly sell me an addi
  2. It's confirmed...if you had the "onzen upgrade" from a 7.X to an 8 THEY'VE DISABLED THE OZONE GENERATOR. So what you're left with is a bromine/chlorinator...THAT'S IT!!! If you want to generate ozone they will gladly sell you an additional "Peak Ozone I or II" for a s****load of money. I'm pretty PO'ed. My original Onzen system generated both bromine and ozone THAT'S WHY I BOUGHT IT!! They installed this new 8.0 cell and neglected to tell me "by the way...this won't generate ozone anymore". I bought an Arctic Spa because I thought it was the best. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I will never recomm
  3. I just got the Onzen 8.1 "upgrade" on my 3 year old Yukon. I've noticed that the new replaceable electrode generates a lot of bromine, however the system does not seem to produce any ozone. The old 7.X system actually bubbled ozone through the onzen port that contained the electrodes, however the new electrode does not. I took the cabinet door off to take a look and noticed that there are no hoses connected to the onzen port, just the electrical leads for the electrode. I seem to remember an actual hose connected to the 7.X system which would deliver to ozone gas to tub. Can anyone shed som
  4. My Problems are still present Tech came and said thoroughly checked the system. Says everything works great and Onzen checks out. SO, I dumped the tub AGAIN as instructed, cleaned it thoroughly with bleach, cleaned that out, filled the tub, put in two full cups of bromine salt, one cap of ultra spa, set cp to 3, and fc to 1. I checked the ph and the alkalinity, both were in spec. The water looked great that night. It is now 24 hours later. Free bromine according to my strips is zero, water is starting to look cloudy again. No one has been in it or the tub touched in any way. I am getting
  5. I too have had nothing but a headache with my Arctic Yukon with the Onzen system. I purchased it in August and have had to change the water once a month (even though my wife and I only use it about 3 x a week). I have gone through 4 buckets of sodium bromide salt, countless bottles of Refresh and 4 complete water changes!!!!!!! I am thoroughly disappointed with this product. I have a $12,000 tub in my back yard that goes green within a week after a water change. I have left messages with the service department and I'm still waiting to hear back about a service call. The system is prod
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